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Sheamus is mad

Backstage at The O2 in London, England following his loss to Cesaro this past Wednesday, his first in their best-of-7 series:

"What? Get a word? A word about what? You hear to rub in me face again, are ya, just like everybody else out there here at The O2 in London? Is that what you're here to do, rub it in me face the fact that I didn't walk away with a clean sweep, is that it? Yeah? All those people out there, all those idiots, are just jealous of the Irish. That's all it is. You'd think they would come across the pond and support the Irish but no. Jealousy! That's all it is, jealousy from them. I should have come out of here with a clean sweep. But no. And why are we having this in London anyway? Huh? Why aren't we having it in Ireland. Secondly... first of all, I was jet lagged in this plane. I came over here jet lagged. I can't fit in those seats. They know that. This should have been in America. We shouldn't be coming all the way over here. Messing up my sleep, messing up my rest -- for what? This should have been my night. You got something else to say? You want to laugh at me? Come on, laugh at me. I didn't think so."

Yeah, he mad.

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