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WWE SmackDown results, live blog (Sept. 6, 2016): Backlash go home show

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 6, 2016) from the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska, featuring the go home show to the upcoming Backlash pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sunday night in Richmond, Virginia.

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Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Out on the streets for a living, picture's only begun. Your life is sorrow and madness, but I'm just here to liveblog a wrestling show, folks.

Daniel Bryan in the ring with the shiny new SmackDown Women's Championship, soaking in and then leading the "YES!" chants. He welcomes us to the show and says that in five days at Backlash, one superstar's life is going to change forever as a result of the women's title match. Six women walk in, and they'll be eliminated one-by-one until there's one winner left, the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion. But before that match, they're gonna have a trios match tonight with all six women, and before that, he's going to host a Women's Championship Forum.

First up, Becky Lynch! She says she expected Bryan to call out Nikki first. Bryan says he loves his sister-in-law, but Becky was the first draft pick for the SmackDown women. Speaking of Nikki, he plugs the premiere of Total Bellas. He asks what it would mean to be the first champion, and Becky says it would mean everything, it'd make it all worth it. Maybe there's a reason her journey was so long and she got turned on more times than Sting (my words, not hers), and maybe there's a reason she was the first draft pick, maybe everything has lead her to this moment. Winning the title would be the greatest night of her life she says, as Natalya's music cuts her off.

Nattie says that's boring, and the real story is the worst night of her career, the night of the draft, because she got stuck with Becky and her Lucky Charms. SmackDown was supposed to be her kingdom, but she's been tortured by Becky's cheap, unnatural hair color. Alexa Bliss out now to recap "The Real Whiners of WWE", asking if Nattie will ever overcome her shortcomings, Becky will ever stop whining, or if Bryan will ever be more than some Bella trophy husband.

Carmella interrupts before we can answer those questions. She's always ready to go, and we saw what she did to Nikki. Becky gets on Alexa for letting Carmella interrupt her, to which Alexa says Carmella is the least of her worries and the heels bicker for a minute before Nattie figures it out. Becky's all denials and they square off. In comes Naomi and then Nikki Bella! Nattie levels Nikki but the faces toss the heels out as the segment ends.

Cut backstage to Dean Ambrose at catering. He drinks some terrible coffee and then loads it down with like three cups of sugar before handing it off to the dude he got it from. Commentary puts over his showdown later tonight with AJ Styles and sends us to break.

Back from commercial and Bryan is talking to Shane McMahon and saying that maybe next time Shane can handle the women. Shane stumbles over his line for a minute but Miz is here to save us. He's back from vacation (on his own private island, no less!) and all they're worrying about is the women's title? Worry about the most important title, his title! And he has to defend against a loser like Dolph? He accuses Bryan of not being able to get over what he said, but Bryan says that at least the women are willing to fight. And Miz walked away from Dolph, so what does that make him? And if he really doesn't want the match, he can hand the title over right now.

Apollo Crews vs. the Miz

Dolph Ziggler out on commentary, JBL asks him what he thinks of the Miz, and he compares Miz to a Twitter troll.

Bell rings and Miz goes for a waistlock, shifts to a side headlock but Apollo shoots him off and takes him down with a shoulder block. Miz begs off in the ropes and he tries again but Apollo gets the switch and hits a pair of waistlock takedowns into a front facelock. Miz pushes him in the corner and breaks with kicks. Looking for a side headlock takeover but Apollo pushes him off.

Leapfrog, dropdown, leapfrog, Crews with a dropkick and Miz begs off again and bails out to Maryse. Slingshot to the apron, moonsault off the barricade! And we're off to break.

Back from commercial and Miz is dragging Apollo to his feet. Punches traded, Apollo off the ropes, schoolboy for two! Miz with the backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for two of his own, and he follows it up choking Apollo in the corner. Snapmare into a kneeling surfboard but Apollo fights to his feet. Miz looking for the backbreaker again, Crews shoots him off, sunset flip for two. Big boot from Miz and he teases the Skull Crushing Finale.

Corner clothesline, he shoots a finger gun off at Dolph and goes to the top, only to dive into a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex from Crews! Miz charges into a back elbow and a pair of lariats. Running kick, Stinger Splash, big jumping lariat, Apollo's fired up! Looking for the spin-out powerbomb and Miz bails hard, leaning against the announce table while Dolph mocks him. Miz slaps Dolph, Apollo with a baseball slide but Miz shoves him into Dolph and then the ringpost. Shoves him back in the ring and...

Miz wins by pinfall with Skull Crushing Finale.

Dolph taunts Miz in the ring, holding the Intercontinental Championship and telling him to come get it. Miz sends Maryse in to get it instead and Dolph is incredulous. Dolph jaws at him a bunch, Miz holds the title up triumphantly and kisses his wife.

Cut backstage to Renee Young with AJ Styles. She says things didn't go exactly as planned last week and we get recap footage of AJ busting his Jesus Zipper. Heading into tonight he must have harsh words for the champion? But AJ ignores her in favor of accosting a tech for giving her the footage. He threatens to get the man fired by breaking his headset and blaming it on him before shoving him away. That's how we're going to commercial, I guess!

Back from break and Mauro Ranallo talks a bit about Connor's Cure and WWE's efforts to end pediatric cancer before discussing the SmackDown Tag Team Championship tournament and throwing to a video package about American Alpha.

The Usos are backstage getting all fired up when Charly Caruso asks them about their tournament match tonight. Usos put over their credentials and say that Alpha deserve to be on SmackDown and how they're the favorites. They have respect for the "young brothers", but the Usos run the tag division and they're gonna show them tonight.

Bray Wyatt in his smoke-filled room, talking about when men had to fight for survival. Spending hours searching the woods for food just so he could see another day, but in those woods there was another creature, an Apex Predator, if you will. Both have the same mentality, survival, but the predator had nothing to fear, no morality, no conscience, and he spent his days terrorizing men and ripping them into pieces. Survival of the fittest!

But in time, mankind evolved and adapted, building and creating, and sooner or later, the predators became playthings. History repeats itself, he says. Randy Orton is no longer the great predator, Bray Wyatt is. He's the evolution of man, a god, and the weapon he holds is far greater than anything you can hold. It's somewhere in his chest cavity, and Orton can't compete with it, so he will learn to fear it. And at Backlash, predator becomes prey, and all that will be left are chunks of meat stuck to the Eater of Worlds. Run!

Nikki Bella out, so it's trios match time, but first-- another commercial break.

Back and Becky's making her entrance, so we've got a minute or two to go yet.

Alexa Bliss, Carmella, & Natalya vs. Becky Lynch, Naomi, & Nikki Bella

Naomi and Alexa starting off. Alexa begs off and eats the "Speedball" Mike Bailey kicks and a big roundhouse before tagging Carmella in. Waistlock by Naomi, takedown into a front chancery, drags her to her feet, wristlock, tags Becky in. Becky keeps the wrist but Carmella flips out. Looking for a hip toss, denied, Becky with a backslide for two. Keeping that wrist, waistlock, sunset flip, tags Nikki in.

Carmella books it, shoving Becky into Nikki and bailing to the outside. Becky taunts her as a chicken and we go to commercial.

Back from break and it's Carmella and Naomi but Naomi makes the tag to Becky, who comes in like a house afire. Corner forearm into the exploder gets two and Carmella sends Lynch to the apron. Nattie pulls her off and taunts before stomping her stomach in. Carmella rolls her back in and starts raining punches down on the back of her head. Seated choke on the ropes, Nattie gets a kick in and Becky's woozy. Shove her in the corner, tag Nattie in and shove her down to the mat. Nattie working a grounded sleeper but she doesn't have all of it and Becky fights her off.

Looking for a tag but Nattie rams her into the corner and lays strikes in before tagging Alexa in. Hammer blows to Lynch's back and more choking on the ropes. Slams her to the mat and does the giant step stomps to the head for a nearfall. Reverse chinlock, Becky fights to her feet again and gets a small package. Bliss with a big knee and a tag to Nattie.

Snapmare and a dropkick to the back of the head followed by a stomp to the back. Nattie knocks Nikki off the apron and hits a Michinoku Driver on Becky as Nikki tries to get back in but is deflected by referee Ryan Tran. Lynch with another cradle but Nattie kicks out and hits a slam. The ol' "you want a tag" routine into a sleeper but they just can't keep Becky down. Rollup from Becky and an enzuigiri attempt as Nattie denies her the tag.

Tag to Alexa but Becky gets the tag to Nikki! Kicks on kicks, corner elbow into a springboard kick to the chops for two. Alexa with a jawbreaker and she makes the tag to Carmella, who is delighted that Nikki is out only to get hauled up into the fireman's carry for the TKO but Bliss makes the save! Nattie with the discus lariat on Nikki, Naomi with the nverted stomp facebreaker on Nattie, double knee drop into the moonsault knee drop from Alexa on Nikki, Becky fights Alexa to the outside and...

Carmella wins by submission with the Code of Silence on Nikki Bella.

Carmella blows a kiss from the ramp as Nikki sells.

JBL puts the Styles/Ambrose segment over and David Otunga teases Hype Bros vs. Slater & Rhyno before Mauro tells us that Usos vs. Alpha is next and throws us to commercial.

American Alpha (Chad Gable & Jason Jordan) vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinal Match)

The Usos jump the Alpha boys right as the bell rings, pummeling Jordan in the corner and landing a loose Samoan Drop on him, but Alpha turn the tide incredibly quickly and...

American Alpha win by pinfall with Grand Amplitude, advancing to the tournament finals at Backlash.

Well I was super worried about having to keep my Usos straight, so that was fantastic!

Usos offer handshakes after but it's a ruse! They're beating Chad Gable down! And now Jason Jordan goes shoulder-first into the ringpost! Front facelock choke in on Gable and a running stomp to the back of his knee takes him down, brutal! Tequila Sunrise on Gable now and a tandem splash to his free leg! To borrow a phrase, so sick.

A trainer and referees Dan Engler and Jason Ayers attend to Gable as we go to break.

Back from break and we get a recap of the last match. JBL promises up to date updates on Gable.

Charly's interviewing Randy Orton in the back about Bray Wyatt's promo earlier. Bray likes telling stories, he says, so he'll return the favor. He talks about a starving man in the wilderness who sees a rabbit. He shoots the rabbit and approaches but he sees a snake. The snake wants the rabbit too, and the man approaches cautiously until he gets to the rabbit. He thinks that snakes are more afraid of you than are of them, so he grabs the rabbit and moves to leave when the snake strikes. Because, you see, the snake wanted the rabbit, but when he saw the man he knew he could have both, if he just waited patiently for the man to be overconfident.

So Randy will wait patiently at Backlash, and Bray won't know what hit him.

Fandango in the ring with a microphone. He shushes the audience, saying that unfortunately Tyler couldn't be here tonight because he's in Dubai looking for the finest silks for their fashion line. But luckily for us, he's found somebody to tango with, a woman named Betty. He likes her tattoos and asks what they mean. She says that she likes nature. He's going to see if her hips are as wild as her tattoos are and they dance to Breezango's music.

He cuts her off, saying her hips are full of lies! She says her hips are the truth that he can't handle and he orders her to begone before asking if anybody else has the passion of the dance. So Kane comes out, because the Big Red Dude is all about dancing, I guess? Fandango's into it, though. He wants to feel Kane's fire, but Kane just wants to chokeslam him. So he does, before Fandangoing a bit and leaving.

AJ Styles is walking backstage and accosts two employees, asking if they're taking a picture of him. They say no, so he throws their phone against the wall and tells them to go pick it up.

Connor's Cure video package and we're off to break.

Back from commercial and we get some Curt Hawkins Facts and right into the last semifinal match.

Beauty and the Man-Beast (Heath Slater & Rhyno) vs. Hype Bros (Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder) (SmackDown Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinal Match)

Beauty and the Man-Beast come out to the 3MB theme, which makes sense because Rhyno is worth two normal dudes.

Zack and Heath to start, Slater with a waistlock into a headlock, Zack shoots him off, shoulder block, dropdown leapfrog but Slater catches him into the Manhattan Drop and follows with a lariat. Ryder up top for a missile dropkick, tags Mojo in. Mojo whips Heath into Zack and chop blocks him on the rebound. Back body drop, Mojo clotheslines him out of the ring and tags Zack in for an assisted dropkick to the outside. Mojo runs Rhyno over and we go to commercial.

Back from break and Mojo's got Slater in a side headlock. Heath fights to his feet and Mojo whips him in the corner for a Stinger Splash and misses. Tags in, Rhyno runs Zack Ryder over and Zack fights back but the Man-Beast lands a big spinebuster and Mojo breaks up the pin. Low bridge sends Mojo outside as Slater tags in. Broski Boot attempt but Rhyno pulls Slater out of the way and tags back in. Crowd is chanting "Gore! Gore! Gore!" and...

Beauty and the Man-Beast win by pinfall with a Gore on Zack Ryder, advancing to the tournament finals at Backlash.

Slater hugs his entire family at ringside and commentary puts our finals over as Slater and Rhyno eye the title belts.

Another recap of the Usos destroying Chad Gable's knee and Renee Young has an update. Shane was told that American Alpha's status for Backlash is questionable but he'll be on Talking Smack tonight to discuss the situation. Usos come out and talk about how things are different now. They don't know whether it's right or wrong, but it's the Usos. The crowd's turned their back on them after years of busting their ass to earn respect and they're done with that.

Dean Ambrose getting his hair done backstage throws us to commercial.

Back from break and Dean's out for the confrontation first, carrying a duffle bag. AJ Styles out right after, so we're not wasting any time here. He's still proudly wearing his trophy on his left bicep, of course.

Charly Caruso introduces them and Dean says that things get ugly and AJ gets nervous around beautiful women, so she leaves. Dean brought AJ a gift, since he's so big into trophies. AJ opens the bag and it's an old bowling trophy of Dean's, a participation trophy. He felt bad for AJ, but that's the only trophy he's ever gonna get from Dean. AJ says everything's a joke to Dean, but he has no idea who he's dealing with. If he did, he wouldn't make AJ out to be a joke. Dean says "Oh, like last week?" and we get another recap of the Jesus Zipper Incident.

That's why they call it high risk, Dean says. AJ says it wasn't funny, Dean and the crowd disagree. Dean says he was just trying to adjust AJ's voice to a higher pitch to go with his soccer mom haircut, and the crowd chants "Soccer mom!" before AJ tells them to shut up. AJ talks about getting his trophy from beating John Cena, which is unlike that piece of crap bowling trophy. He doesn't want Dean to hand him anything, but he's taking the title on Sunday, just like he beat John Cena.

Go ahead and make jokes, he says, look through, past, or over him, but John Cena took him very seriously and AJ beat him clean right here in the middle of a WWE ring. And, let's be honest, Dean is not John Cena. You're damn right he's not, he replies. Nothing against John, but he lost in a wrestling match but against Ambrose it's a battlefield that is possibly underwater. The only time he wrestled AJ before, he won, but he doesn't live in the past, he lives in the future where he gets to do it again, gets to drill AJ's head into the mat and walk out with the title. They don't give out trophies in WWE to the Face That Comes in Second Place.

This earns Dean a stiff kick to the nuts and AJ breaks the bowling trophy over his knees and jaws at him as he kneels there in agony.

That's the show, folks!

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