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Naomi’s glow entrance was almost a lot cooler

Naomi has an interview with Naomi up on its site and it’s well worth checking out. She goes into great detail on her new gimmick, where she “feels the glow,” including a look at her entrance, which may be the best in all of WWE right now.

It was almost even cooler:

“I’ve done so many different variations. It started without me wearing any light-up stuff. I was wearing this really expensive fabric I found that actually glows in the dark, but you have to charge it. We started with that – before I’d go out, I had to charge it, and I’d glow all the way to the ring. But it didn’t portray as well on television, so that’s when we started thinking about the UV-reactive stuff. The original entrance was supposed to be pitch-black, like a blackout. No lights, just my gear glowing.”

They definitely should have gone with that.


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