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WWE releases ‘Daniel Bryan vs. The Bear’ and you can watch it here

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Daniel Bryan’s latest crusade ends in success, as WWE has released his WrestleMania 32 documentary Daniel Bryan vs. The Bear on their Twitter feed this morning.

Enjoy... and if you’re a fan of the old Saturday Morning Slam, JBL & Cole Show or DBD’s somewhat-weird sense of humor, you most certainly will....

Make sure to watch Renee Young’s Emmy (or whatever they give to people in Twitter videos) -worthy performance in part three... She should win for not only keeping a straight-face, but adding to the Beard’s crazy promo with her reactions.

Then stay for shirtless-but-jacketed Drake Wuertz.

There’s so much to love here, not the least of which is Bryan finding new outlets to entertain wrestling fans even after his in-ring career has ended.

Share your reviews of a documentary sure to be in the running for the Oscars (or whatever they give to goofy wrestling videos from social media outlets) next year.