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Matt Hardy on possible return to WWE: I don’t know if I trust Vince McMahon

Matt Hardy on Facebook

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding TNA and its future, most notably the possibility that it may not even have one. It would be truly unfortunate for the company to close down now, considering the work Matt Hardy has done with his new “Broken” character. He’s been good enough that word started getting around that WWE may be interested in him when his contract expires.

It’s fair to wonder whether or not his creative genius would flourish in that environment. That’s what he’s doing.

As he told

“I am very content at Impact Wrestling. I don’t know if I trust that Meekmahan, or if he’ll try to stifle my broken brilliance. I’m able to live in my broken universe here at Impact Wrestling to the fullest extent, and Impact Wrestling needs me as their savior, so I’ll do everything I can to help them grow. They’ve had many setbacks in the last few years, but things are changing. I don’t have an end game. Being a celestial being, I live for the moment to fight the Great War, and that is to light the darkness. Right now, I’m able to do that at Impact Wrestling.”

If TNA were to go under, Hardy would have a decision to make. The money and visibility would be good in WWE but he would almost certainly lose creative control of his character. He could make it work on the independent scene, but for how long?

Perhaps Billy Corgan pulls off a deal to buy TNA and Hardy stays right where he’s at, entertaining us all.

Which would you prefer?

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