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Daniel Bryan releases footage from his WrestleMania 32 documentary, but there are no signs of a bear

Daniel Bryan’s been on a mini-crusade for a couple weeks now. He even whispered the movement’s catchphrase “Release the Bear” in the wake of John Cena’s epic promo on Talking Smack last night.

For reasons no one has revealed, the video Michael Cole told us was called Daniel Bryan vs. the Bear was pulled by WWE before it could debut on Facebook and the company’s other online video platforms. We kicked around some questions about and possible issues with what DB describes as a documentary here.

In an effort to step up the campaign and put more heat on WWE, Bryan released this teaser clip on his Twitter earlier today:

While I admire the passion (worked or no) Bryan is putting into his latest little guy vs. the big, bad corporation feud, there’s not much in the footage that grabs me.

You know what would have really gotten me excited?


Still, I’m with you DB.


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