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Daniel Bryan, Cesaro exploring possibility of a move to SmackDown

Many fans are either disappointed or infuriated that the best-of-seven series between Cesaro and Sheamus ended in a draw, with the “championship opportunity” being a tag title match - meaning neither man got the upperhand as a result of the last month’s worth of action.

Much of the outrage is because viewers feel they’ve been denied a resolution to a story in which they invested. Some is due to the fact this appears to be another way to not push Cesaro as a singles act.

Though he doesn’t specify his reasoning, add SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan to the list of folks not digging the story...

And while he appears to be going along with Raw GM Mick Foley’s plan for a Cesaro/Sheamus tag team now, the King of Swing (who’s been on record as wishing he was drafted to the blue brand since the brand split) is interested in Bryan’s offer:

This could indicate the non-finish of the series between he & the Celtic Warrior was part of the ongoing disgruntled Cesaro storyline (maybe with a dash of the “Foley is incompetent” angle mixed in), although that doesn’t seem to be doing much for fans who understandably wanted a winner out of best-of-seven series.

Do you want Cesaro to head to Tuesdays? Does the possibility of that change your opinion of the way Raw resolved his feud with Sheamus?

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