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WWE Raw results, live blog (Sept. 26, 2016): Clash of Champions fallout show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 26, 2016) from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio featuring the fallout show from the Clash of Champions event that went down this past Sunday night in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Advertised for tonight: Kevin Owens is still Universal champion after a finish WWE is calling "controversial," Roman Reigns is US champ with big plans for the title, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Halls of justice painted green, money talking. Power wolves beset your door, hear them stalking; soon you’ll please their appetite. They devour, but me, I'm just here to liveblog a wrestling show, folks.

Show opens, no recap nor intro video, just Michael Cole welcoming us to the show and Roman Reigns making his entrance, so we're getting right into the action!

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Rusev (WWE United States Championship)

Rusev grabs a front facelock right off the bat, adding an arm and a leg to the clutch looking for a pin but it's no good. He rolls Roman through and goes right back to the half-halch but Reigns rolls him over and applies a hammerlock of his own. Rusev gropes at Roman's hair and gets to his feet, shoots him off to the ropes, eats a shoulder block, then another, drop down, Roman lands a side headlock takeover and grounds Rusev to the mat.

Rusev pulling on the hair again to break, grabs a headscissors and wrenches it in. Reigns with a kip-up escape but Rusev gets right on him and shoots a double leg takedown into a waistlock. Roman gets to one knee and tries to break the hold, no good, gets to his feet and hits another side headlock takeover but Rusev is able to counter with a back suplex. Stomps to the back and a straight suplex follow as Roman tries to get his wits about him. Rusev bounces him off the ropes and lands a forearm to the kidney, does it a second time, headbutt to the kidney, but a third attempt sees Roman come back at him with strikes.

Corner lariats now, and the big right hand to finish lands. Schoolboy, Roman goes to deadlift Rusev into a powerbomb after he kicks out but his back gives out and Rusev capitalizes with a fallaway slam as we go to commercial.

Back from break and Roman's laying on the mat while Rusev lies in wait. Right hand knocks Roman back down as soon as he gets up, and Rusev picks him up and shoots him off the ropes into a bear hug. Reigns grabs at Rusev's hands to break his grip and fires a right back at him, and a second and a third, but when he runs the ropes Rusev throws a dropkick that floors the champion.

Rusev drags Roman up by the vest for an overhead gutwrench suplex that gets two, and then another, before crawling on Roman's prone body and firing a series of punches at his face. Kick to the ribs and Reigns is trying to fire himself back up. Rusev off the ropes, body avalanche gets two, so he just barges right back in with the bear hug.

Rusev whips Roman into the corner after he breaks free and eats a big clothesline for his trouble. Right hands from the champion, whip, reversal, lariats on Rusev anyway and then the third, jumping lariat! In the corner with one more lariat and then Roman catches Rusev with a Mafia kick on the rebound. Signaling for the Superman Punch but Rusev catches him and both men tumble to the outside to send us to break again.

Back from commercial and Rusev's going for a cover but Roman kicks out. A clip is shown from the break of Rusev ramming Roman back first into the ringpost before he sets Reigns up top in real time. Rusev follows to the second, thinking superplex but Roman blocks, firing body blows off before going to head punches and dropping him down with a single headbutt. Rusev up and Roman clobbers him with a diving lariat!

Roman charges in, Rusev gets a boot up, but when Rusev goes to capitalize Reigns lands the Samoan drop. Roman looking for a powerbomb but his back can't get it and Rusev slips out. Roman ducks a roundhouse, they trade strikes, and then Rusev comes off the ropes with the spinning wheel kick for a nearfall. Two running headbutts, another nearfall, so Rusev goes up top for the diving one but Roman cuts him off with a right hand that sends him outside.

Slingshot dropkick, Reigns throws him back in the ring and eats a roundhouse kick this time. It doesn't put Roman away but it does make Rusev really mad. He fumes and stomps in the corner, charges in for a kick, Roman ducks. Superman Punch caught into a waistlock, Roman escapes with back elbows, runs the ropes right into a thrust kick.

Rusev makes the crush motion and starts the stomps that lead to the Accolade but Reigns rolls over and catches one, tossing Rusev away and hitting the Superman Punch for a nearfall. Roman calling for the spear now but Lana gets on the apron and Rusev rushes in for a kick. Roman catches the kick and levels Rusev with a right hand that sends him outside, follows up with the Drive-By. Big slap against the barricade and he slams Rusev's face into the steps before tossing him over the barricade.

Roman follows and beats on him as referee Chad Patton counts...

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev goes to a double count-out and Roman retains the WWE United States Championship.

Rusev gets the upper hand somewhere in the crowd, so when they come back to ringside he tosses Reigns in between the barricade and the apron several times. Roman reverses an Irish whip to send Rusev into a barricade himself and looks for the Superman Punch off the steps but Rusev catches him in the gut with a steel chair.

Back in the ring, Rusev prowls with the chair, slamming it into the mat and waiting for Roman to get up, but when he does... spear! Reigns collects his title and the chair, standing over Rusev's body a moment, thinking about what to do when he opens the chair and sits down, celebrating title in hand rather than attacking his downed opponent.

...but when his music stops playing he goes ahead and wallops Rusev with the chair anyway before celebrating with the title on the turnbuckles.

Commentary puts over the tag title match for later and promote WWE 2K17 some before sending us to a video package for the game and footage of Mick Foley making his way around backstage on our way to commercial.


Back from break and Mick is live in the ring with a mic to address the finish to Cesaro/Sheamus VII. He says that last night the Best of Seven Series ended in what should be mathematically impossible, a draw. He introduces Sheamus and Cesaro, who rips his suit off for reasons that are unclear to me, since he's not having a match here. Sheamus interrupts Foley, saying that he said the man who was more physically dominant would get a championship opportunity, and he makes the case that is himself as the crowd boos.

Cesaro says that if he wants the crowd to be quiet he should tell one of his Irish jokes. Sheamus restates his case and Cesaro says last night he was ready to fight when Sheamus walked off. Sheamus argues he was blocked by medical staff and Sheamus gets emotional, yelling that he was ready to fight. They continue yelling at each other about who's tougher.

Mick says both men are right, they brought out the best in each other and he cannot in good conscience say that one man won or lost. And after thinking hard, he's going to give both men championship opportunities. But not separate opportunities, no sir. They have a match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship! They argue that they can't stand each other and Mick says they don't have to like it but it's his decision, and they'll face the winner of the following match, at which point Big E does the thing.

The Club make their entrance and we're told the match will be after the break.

New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) (c) vs. the Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

The match is underway as we come back from commercial, Anderson and Kingston starting. Kofi lands a big dropkick and cuts Gallows off as he looks to take E out. Kofi rolls under an Anderson lariat and hits a reverse roundhouse kick before setting up the Unicorn Stampede. Gallows catches Big E from behind with a kick and Anderson chucks Kofi outside where Gallows runs over him with a clothesline.

Anderson follows, setting Kofi up for a bicycle kick before sending him back in the ring for a two-count. Tag to Gallows, who lays a body blow in. Kofi fights back but Luke clobbers him with hammer blows to the neck. Big right, charges in, Kofi gets a boot up and springboards into a chokeslam for two as we return to commercial.

Back from break and Anderson has a headlock on Kingston. Kofi slips out but Karl gets his boot and rolls him back towards Gallows. Liger Bomb on Kofi and Gallows tags in, dragging him to his feet and shoving him in corner for strikes. To the second, Gallows dives in but Kofi gets a boot up. Anderson tags, looks for a knee drop but Kofi moves out of the way.

Tag to Big E, belly-to-belly on Anderson, and a second, ducks a clothesline for a third and swivels the hips. Off the ropes, clobbers Gallows, Kofi hits a diving knee and Anderson scoops a rollup for two. E charges in the corner and Anderson sends him shoulder-first into the ringpost before hitting the Sick Kick for a nearfall. E has trouble making it to his feet and Machine Gun winds up, but when he charges in, E ducks and ends up hitting the through-the-ropes spear on the apron!

Tag to Kofi back in the ring, Anderson up for Midnight Hour but Gallows breaks the pin up. Looking for Gas Mask on Kofi but Kingston fires a knee off and sends him outside. Anderson bails while Kofi fires up, tag to Big E, looking for the alley-oop suicide dive but Gallows catches him and sends him into the steps. Anderson with a diving neckbreaker from the top! MAGIC KILLER! But Kofi breaks the pin up!

Tag to Anderson, Kofi off the top, Anderson catches him for the spinebuster but Kofi reverses to a DDT. Gallows runs in and Kofi sends him outside...

New Day win by pinfall after Kofi Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise on Karl Anderson, retaining the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

Kofi got busted open somewhere towards the end there and is bleeding pretty good, so medics check on him as we go to commentary recapping the gutbuster that may have injured Seth Rollins last night alongside the rest of the Universal Championship match. They replay footage from last night of Stephanie McMahon telling Tom Phillips that she's proud of Kevin Owens before meeting with HHH and driving off.

More discussion of the gutbuster as they show images of Seth getting an x-ray earlier today and say that he is not medically cleared to compete tonight. A Highlight Reel featuring WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens is also promised and we head to commercial.


Back from break and Cesaro and Sheamus are arguing about their team backstage but Mick isn't having it. He's not messing with them, but he, Michael Hayes, and Arn Anderson were watching their last match with tears in their eyes at how they were stealing the show. He can't put them out there an eighth time because they might kill each other, and he's not going to lose them. But if he puts 'em together, it could change the face of tag team wrestling. You put two guys together and sometimes there's magic, he just wants them to trust him enough to try. They consider his words but end the segment uneasy.

It's Bayley! And she has a match!

Anna Fields vs. Bayley

Anna charges in right away, hammering Bayley against the ropes and choking her repeatedly. Bayley kicks her for separation but Fields comes back with forearms and a corner foot choke for a one-count. Reverse chinlock on Bayley now, but she's fighting and sends Fields into the turnbuckle before smashing her face-first over and over. Snapmare, elbow to the back, sliding clothesline, tube man elbow...

Bayley wins by pinfall with the Bayley-to-Belly.

Tom Phillips interviews her in the ring after, asking how she's feeling today. Bayley says that last night Charlotte and Sasha proved why they're the top two women in this industry, but if they think the triple threat was the last time they'll see her, they've got another thing coming. She says we're on this journey together and she's not gonna stop until she's hugging the Raw Women's Championship.

Cut to Stephanie McMahon backstage on her phone when Mick walks in. He believed in her, but after last night, with the way she handled the main event while he was checking on Cesaro and sent the ref out to count for KO at the exact right minute, and the video of her saying it went great, he can't. She says she thought the show was great, but the one thing that wasn't great was the main event, and then pins the blame on Mick for not being on the ball.

A browbeaten Mick agrees that it was his job as she carries on about how checking on the talent wasn't his job, that's what she pays doctors for. He needs to use his brain, not his heart, and not let his ego get in the way and accuse her baselessly. Mick says he was out of line and would like to continue as general manager. Steph threatens him with busting him back down to just being an ambassador if he doesn't do his job.

She reminds him about Seth not being cleared but still wanting a piece of Jericho and Owens tonight and tells him to protect Seth regardless of his feelings before he shuffles off with his tail between his legs.

Up next, Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Drew Gulak & Lince Dorado?! DREW GULAK ON MONDAY NIGHT RAW?! This is a surprise! Off to break with a house ad for NXT we go.


Back from commercial and Rich Swann is making his entrance. Cedric Alexander makes his entrance and we get a promo from him and Swann about how they fought last time but now they're teaming and Swann says they're gonna go all night long. Drew Gulak out next, and he gets a highlight video from his time in the Cruiserweight Classic. Dorado out last (I'm wearing my MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! shirt today, by the by) and he gets a similar highlight video.

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Drew Gulak & Lince Dorado

Handshakes observed, Swann and Dorado start off. Lince knocks Swann down, drop down, leap frog, Dorado fires a headscissors takeover off and Swann lands on his feet, then they do the opposite. Arm drags from each, double dropkick stalemate. Handshake, both men looking for a whip but Lince takes the hold, going for a back-to-back bow-and-arrow into a slam. Cedric breaks the pin, Gulak runs in, gets tossed, then Dorado chucks Swann before going up top and landing a moonsault on all three men to send us to break.

Back from commercial and Drew Gulak is working an arm-trap rear chinlock on Swann. Rich fights to his feet and Drew pushes him in the corner for a tag to Dorado. Snapmare, dropkick to the back of the head gets two as Swann crawls to his corner. Dorado cuts him off with an uppercut and a chop and shoots him into the corner, looking for a big dropkick but Swann rolls out of the way!

Tags made, Cedric in with elbows, whip, reversal, handspring enzuigiri leaves Drew reeling and a running dropkick in the corner seals the deal. Springboard clothesline for a nearfall but Lince breaks it up with a double stomp. HUGE Lumbar Check on Dorado but Gulak fights back with slaps and a back suplex. Tag to Swann, kick to the gut, off the ropes, leapfrog, Gulak with a sunset flip, Swann with the Rich Kick...

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann win by pinfall with a bridging jackknife pin on Drew Gulak.

Commentary talks about the Highlight Reel and then we cut to Sheamus and Cesaro walking backstage, constantly jockeying for position before we go to commercial on an ad for the Network.


Back from break and Cesaro's making his entrance. Sheamus' music interrupts his right as he's tearing his suit off, of course.

Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Nick Cutler & Willis Williams

Cesaro starts against Nick Cutler, dropping him with a delayed vertical suplex before going to tag Sheamus in, but Sheamus hops off the apron, so Cesaro slams the guy before forcing the tag with a slap to the back when Sheamus gets on the apron. Sheamus chucks Cutler to the apron for the Beats of the Bodhran and slamming Cutler back in the ring.

Sheamus jaws at Cesaro long enough that Williams tags in. Sheamus works him over a second and Cesaro tags himself back in. Looking for a corner boot but Williams slips out and does an armbreaker over the ropes before draggin Cesaro over to Cutler. Quick tags, working the injured shoulder, but when Cutler tries a dive Cesaro cuts him off with the uppercut. Cesaro looking for the Neutralizer, Williams runs in, Sheamus comes in for the Brogue Kick to cut him off, Brogue Kicks Cutler, and welcomes Cesaro to finish the deed...

Cesaro & Sheamus win by pinfall with a lateral press from Cesaro on Nick Cutler.

Commentary promises WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins' Raw debut later and sends us to a video package about the man himself before Tom interviews him in the back. Perkins says the title is a dream come true, a dream he's had since 1998. There was a time when he didn't think he could make it, but here he is, and he's champion. He never thought that he'd see... that.

And "that" is Brian Kendrick. He's just here to find out if it's good to have a dream come true? Does depriving him of what's rightfully his feel good? Kendrick feels the title belongs to him and TJP owes him it. TJ agrees, he owes him for that headbutt. Kendrick says to enjoy the spotlight, because the next time they meet in the ring, he's gonna wake up from that dream.

Cut to Charlotte and Dana Brooke walking backstage and we go to break.


Back from commercial and Charlotte makes her entrance.

Charlotte starts off talking about how Clash of Champions was her night. She once again successfully defended her title and proved why she's the Queen of the Raw women's division. Yes, she defied the odds and beat two of the greatest female athletes today in this ring. That's the difference between her and Bayley and Sasha, she doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She knows we're thinking that we've heard this before, because month after month a new competitor shows up and we all think this is the one, but match after match she disappoints two specific people in the crowd and also all of us at home.

She's not huggable, she's not an internet darling, she's a moneymaker and the face of the division, and nobody's gonna beat-- Sasha Banks out. She says first of all Charlotte needs to slow her roll and check herself, because last night might have been her night but it's still Sasha's title. Second of all, Charlotte pinned Bayley, so face the facts, she's owed her one-on-one rematch, which she wants right now. The crowd reacts big and Charlotte asks the peasants to be quiet before addressing Sasha Wanks. What?

However good Sasha is, she's that much better. Sasha has earned it, though, and she'll get her title match. She takes the robe off and says nope, next week. She's only giving it to her anyway because she knows Sasha will go to Mick and cry until she gets it. No matter how many times she beats Sasha down she keeps ticking, at which point Sasha gets in her face about taking the title back and hauls off with a big slap to the champion! Bank Statement on Dana! Charlotte kicks her off and looks for Natural Selection but Sasha has her wits about her and tosses both heels outside.

Cut to Seth Rollins walking backstage and we go to commercial on an ad for the Mark Henry, Kane, and Big Show episode of Table For 3 that's debuting after Raw.


Back from break with a Connor's Cure video package.

Cut to Seth, still walking backstage. Perhaps he's looking for catering! Doesn't matter, because Mick found him. Seth says there's nothing that can stop him from interrupting the Highlight Reel and giving Kevin Owens his receipt. Mick says he knows how he's feeling but now's not the time. Seth says screw the rules, he saw Steph get in the limo with HHH and he's not gonna listen to Kevin Owens brag about what he did. Mick tries to talk sense but Seth says he sees Mick talking, but all he hears are Stephanie's words.

TJ Perkins out now, so it's his match up. Brian Kendrick's rematch is next week on Raw, but TJP's opponent tonight is... Tony Nese! Tony gets another video package similar to Lince's and Gulak's.

TJ Perkins vs. Tony Nese

Handshake observed, collar and elbow lockup, Nese pushes TJP in the corner and tosses him away. Waistlock takedown, wristlock, TJP cartwheels out into a headscissors but when he goes for the spin Nese gets out to his feet. Deadlift suplex, TJ lands on his feet and grabs a kneebar but Nese gets the ropes and bails.

Perkins looking for the triangle dropkick, Nese ducks, cartwheel on the apron, superkick... SASUKE SPECIAL! Nese makes the cover for two and we go to commercial.

Back from break and TJP is fighting out of a hold. Off the ropes, into an octopus hold but Nese powers out with a inverted Karelin lift. Leg drop across Perkins' face, chop shoves him in the corner, whip, clothesline, another whip, TJ ducks the next clothesline, headscissors takeover! Manhattan Drop, spinning wheel kick, uppercut from the champ, up and over Nese in the corner for a neckbreaker, follows with the double chickenwing gutbuster but Nese kicks out.

Straight suplex, TJP chains it into the back suplex and heads up top. Nese cuts him off with a slap and heads to the second, thinking superplex but Perkins shoves him off. Looking for a tornado DDT, Nese stops it and suplexes him over the ropes before firing off a running knee for a nearfall. Looking for that pumphandle piledriver, TJP fights out and hangs him on the ropes for the triangle dropkick. Detonation Kick...

TJ Perkins wins by submission with the TJP Clutch.

TJ celebrates and commentary throws to a Hispanic Heritage video for the first ever WWE Triple Crown Champion, Pedro Morales. When that's over, they push the Highlight Reel and toss to a WWE Shop ad to send us to break.


Back from commercial and Byron Saxton says that Mick Foley made the Women's Championship match official for next week.

Jericho coming out for the Highlight Reel, seems like he has the List. We get the video of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson telling Jericho what real friendship is about.

Jericho asks for quiet in the ring, repeatedly and with increasing anger. Tonight is the most anticipated highlight reel in WWE history, he says, and first he's going to address the two muttonheads we just saw. He says it's impossible to be better friends than him and Kevin Owens, so if they do show up next week, they're going on the List of Jericho and they're not gonna like... it.

He then puts an unnamed cameraman on the list for shooting him from a bad angle before telling the crowd that Seth is on the List because he got hurt again. Jericho's been in WWE for 17 years, he never got hurt and in "like a year and a half" Seth is on the injured list again. He introduces his best friend, the longest running WWE Universal Champion in the business, Kevin Owens!

KO gets in the ring and hugs Y2J before posing on the ropes with his title a moment. Owens says the Jeritron is really nice and Jericho informs him it cost $6500 five years ago. Last night, he says, Owens showed the WWE Universe true excellence, what a champion should be, and he's proud to call him his best friend. Owens says usually he'd be wearing a suit, but it's Cincinatti, Ohio, and he's not wearing a suit for a town that spawned a living car wreck like Dean Ambrose.

Jericho claims Dean still owes him a lot of money, and Owens says he's never getting it back. He continues, saying last night he proved that he should have been the #1 pick in the draft, that he's the main event, and that he should be the man. Not only did he beat Seth Rollins and retain his title, but he hurt him. Don't feel too bad, though, because what happened to him was karma because Seth walked around calling himself the man, all while he injured guys like John Cena, Sting, and Finn Balor.

Seth Rollins may well have been the most dangerous man in WWE, but last night KO took him out, so that makes him the new most dangerous man in WWE. Seth comes out and a horde of security guys and road agents Fit Finlay and 5-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce swarm him, with Foley not far behind. Owens says Mick should send him to the back with a doctor's note saying he can't play because Owens broke him.

Seth reluctantly heads to the back and Jericho taunts the crowd for wanting Seth Rollins to come down and beat them up, which provokes Enzo and Big Cass to come out. Enzo does the deal, of course. Jericho responds, saying they're doing just fine, thank you very much. And why wouldn't they, they're best friends on top of the world, they're champion, and everything was going great until they came down, so on the List they go. KO points out that Jericho miswrote Enzo as "Ezno" and Y2J is thankful for the correction.

Cass asks if Jericho thinks he's Santa Claus, what with the listmaking, and Jericho says maybe he is and he'll come down and there and sit on his lap! Everyone is appropriately baffled and when Cass asks what he said, Jericho says he didn't say anything. Cass presses and Jericho insists, after a while, that he actually said he was gonna punch Cass in the face. Cass then polls the crowd, who answer overwhelmingly in the affirmative. KO says it doesn't matter, because he'll punch Cass in the face!

Jericho says they don't have a match, but Cass corrects him, saying they passed Mick Foley on their way here, who informed them that they do indeed have a match tonight, against Jeri-KO, and that sends us to commercial.


Back from break and commentary puts over the cruiserweight and women's title matches scheduled for next week before the bell rings.

Enzo & Big Cass vs. Jeri-KO (Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens)

Jericho and Enzo starting, Jericho with a knee and a right hand, a chop sends Enzo to the ropes and Jericho applies a headlock. Enzo shoots him off and Jericho knocks him down with a shoulder block. Drop down, drop down, dropkick from Enzo, arm drag, shoulder jawbreaker, Jericho does the Rocky Romero crawl gimmick over to KO for a tag.

Owens wants the big one, so Enzo obliges but Owens fires hammer blows at him as he gets in the ring. Cass turns it around and makes a quick tag to Enzo, who hits a turning Stinger Splash and Owens bails. Jericho in and Cass tosses him outside before tossing Enzo onto both men outside. Tag to Cass, who sends KO back in the ring but gets cut off with a knee and a hammer to the back. Tag to Jericho, laying chops into the big man, off the ropes and into a side slam.

Owens runs in and eats one too, but when Cass goes for a Mafia kick on Jericho, he low-bridges him and Owens follows up on the outside, ramming him face-first into the ringpost as we go to break.

Back from commercial and Owens has a reverse chinlock on Cass but Cass fights out with a back suplex. Tags all around, Enzo with those flying shoves and a flurry of punches in the corner. Clothesline, Enzo goes up top, diving crossbody gets two. Enzo knees KO off the apron, back elbow to Jericho, Owens knocks Enzo off the top, Jericho scoops him up with a schoolboy for two. Jericho back drops Enzo to the apron and KO holds him in place for the triangle dropkick.

Owens shoves Enzo into the barricade and mocks his taunt on the apron before sending him back in. Tag was made at some point because KO follows him right in, stomping the hand and chopping away before talking trash, asking where Enzo's smack talk went. Knee choke in the corner, Jericho pulls the hair while Owens jaws with referee John Cone. More chops, tag to Jericho, who sings a bit before a delayed vertical suplex. One-foot pin gets nothing and Jericho sets Enzo up top. Looking for a superplex but Enzo blocks it, firing forearms to knock Y2J down for another dive but Jericho cuts him off with a dropkick.

Tag to Owens, who scoops Enzo up for a slam and follows with the senton for two. He argues with Cone that he's the Universal Champion, but Cone simply replies that Enzo kicked out. Tag to Jericho, he stomps and slaps Enzo. Some life comes back to Amore, who fires body blows but Jericho drops him with a back elbow for two. Jericho busting out the ol' WAR Special! Enzo breaks free but Jericho hits a clothesline and the Lionsault. Knees up, Enzo makes the tag!

Owens in too and Cass runs him over. Fallaway slam, Jericho runs in, Cass tosses him out, Stinger Splash, Jericho up top and dives into a big boot. Slam to KO, Empire Elbow, black hole slam to Jericho, Owens catches him with a superkick but runs into a big boot. Tag to Enzo but Jericho slaps Cass across the face before they can do the assisted splash. Running boot cuts Jericho off, Enzo hits the DDG but it's not enough to put Owens away.

Off the ropes for a lariat...

Jeri-KO win by pinfall following a Kevin Owens pop-up powerbomb on Enzo Amore.

The two best friends in the universe pose in the ring and that's the show, folks.

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