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WWE Clash of Champions 2016 results, live streaming match coverage: Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins

WWE Clash of Champions is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Sept. 25, 2016) from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana at 8:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Clash of Champions below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.



Kevin Owens def. Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns def. Rusev
Charlotte def. Sasha Banks and Bayley
Chris Jericho def. Sami Zayn
Cesaro vs. Sheamus goes to a no contest
TJ Perkins def. Brian Kendrick
The New Day def. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
Nia Jax def. Alicia Fox



The smile of dawn arrived early May, she carried a gift from her home. The night shed a tear to tell her of fear and of sorrow and pain she'll never outgrow, but me, I'm just here to liveblog a wrestling show, folks.

Pre-show panel is live with Renee Young, Lita, Booker T, and Jerry "the King" Lawler.

Cut to Tom Phillips in the social media lounge putting a Q&A with Sami Zayn over for later in the show.

Back with the main panel we get a video recap of the United States Championship feud and discussion of the feud from the panel. Then promising discussion of our women's matches for later in the pre-show and off to a house ad for the show.

Sasha Banks is interviewed, talking about how she's waited over a month for payback on Charlotte for trying to end her career. So tonight she's gonna punch Charlotte straight in the face. It's not about Bayley, it's about Sasha becoming a two-time Women's Champion. Dana Brooke interrupts and says Sasha should be afraid that Charlotte finishes what she started and actually does injure Sasha out for good.

Sasha then points out what a sham Dana's "friendship" with Charlotte is and tells Dana that if she tries to interfere tonight, it'll be her that's on the injured list. The panel discusses this for a moment before tossing to a video package for the Women's Championship triple threat. More discussion of the match follows.

House ad for Ride Along and then the panel recaps Sheamus and Cesaro's Best of Seven Series.

Sheamus then takes a seat at the panel to discuss his match. He says he doesn't feel any pressure, he just wants to get in that ring and mix it up with top competitors and says that Cesaro is right up there with Daniel Bryan as his toughest opponent. Booker discusses his own experiences in bests of seven and Sheamus restates that he's gonna win tonight, since no one's braver than him, no one's stronger than him. He then talks about capitalizing on Cesaro's injured shoulder and back, if he gets an opportunity, he'll take it. Sheamus says he's going to win another title, says he got caught up being part of a group when he's always had his best success alone.

The panel then tosses to a video package for the Cruiserweight Championship match before discussing it themselves. Then to one last plug for the Sami Zayn Q&A into another house ad for the show.

Video package for Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho now, before the obligatory panel discussion.

In the Social Medial Lounge for the Q&A now. The highlight of his career thus far would be winning the NXT Championship, but also wrestling at WrestleMania and beating Kevin Owens at Battleground in the most satisfying win of his career. But really the true highlight hasn't happened, and that'll be winning the Universal Championship. He thinks fans singing his theme is awesome, whether it's OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE or his current theme song. It's always good to have a song stuck in your head (me, currently-- Map Change off the new Every Time I Die album!), he says.

He then answers a question about the Gift of Jericho by saying that the best gift he could get is by getting a piece of the old Chris Jericho, the guy he looked up to. But tonight, he's just going to have to settle for beating him up. Predictions from the panel follow.

Discussion of the Raw Tag Team Championship match now before telling us the pre-show match is up next and sending to an ad for Total Bellas.


Commentary welcomes us to the action and we're off!

Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax

Fox with a dropkick out the gate before rushing kicks and punches at her and looking for a guillotine choke. Nia rams her into the turnbuckle and slams her to the mat out of an Air Raid Clash clutch. Nia with kicks and a body avalanche in the corner, Fox is hurting. Huge biel tosses Alicia halfway across the ring and Jax follows with stomps and a half nelson chinlock.

Jax wrenches Fox back down to the mat but Fox keeps fighting with elbows and gets back to her feet a second before getting put back down. Fox with kicks to the head and Jax just tosses her away with a vengeance. Alicia with more kicks, an elbow, ducks a body avalanche and starts laying forearms in. Jumping knee, Jax whips Fox away but when she looks to capitalize Alicia hangs her up on the rope a second. Up top, diving splash but Jax kicks out at one. Scissors kick from Fox also comes up empty.

Alicia rushes in and Nia runs her over hard before picking her up for a slam, but Fox slips out. Big hip attack in the corner, Nia scoops her back up...

Nia Jax wins by pinfall with a Samoan drop.

Back to the panel for discussion of the match and a video package putting the Network over. Panel discussion of the Universal Championship match now before a video package for the same. To the main show!


Main show starts with a video package asking what it takes to get here featuring training footage of most of tonight's major players.

Commentary welcomes us to the show and Big E does the thing, so the tag titles are up first! Big E welcomes us to the show and Xavier puts over how every Raw championship is being defended, starting with [hip gyrations]. Kofi says they've been married to the titles for a record-setting 399 days, but there are two people who want to break them up like Brangelina. But who? Owl gimmick.

Gallows and Anderson, that's who. Xavier says we don't want Gallows and Anderson to be champions because they're the kind of guys that give out raisins at Halloween, that wear tube socks and sandals, that fart on crowded elevators. But worst of all, Kofi says, they've never poured themselves a big ol' bowl of Booty-Os. But fear not, because they will never win the titles, and why? New! Day Rocks!, of course.

Gallows and Anderson out now as Michael Cole introduces the Spanish and German commentary desks.

New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) (c) vs. The Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

Gallows runs Big E over on the outside and Anderson immediately hits a running Liger Bomb on Kofi for two! Slams Kofi into the corner and bowls him over before going to the ground and pound. Quick tag to Gallows, who takes Kofi's head off with a roundhouse kick before laying body blows in the corner. Elbow drop, drags Kofi to his feet for a big headbutt, then a right hand to the face. Gallows charges in but Kofi gets the boots up and looks for a DDT. Gallows counters, thinking Gas Mask but Kofi breaks free only to get dropkicked into the corner.

Tags made, Big E with the belly-to-belly on Anderson and another and another! Off the ropes for the big splash and he tries to clobber Gallows but comes up empty. Charging after Anderson for the spear but he eats a knee. Big Rock Bottom from E gets two. Machine Gun with a Sick Kick that also gets two. ff the ropes, knee to the face, off again, quick tag, E picks him up but Gallows cuts him off with a boot. Boot of Doom follows but Kofi breaks it up. Gallows sends him outside and makes the tag.

Anderson off the ropes, Big E back body drops him over the top to the outside as Xavier gets on Francesca to rally the troops. Kofi in, dives off the top into a big Anderson spinebuster! Tag to Gallows, Kofi looking for SOS but Luke dodges and hits a chokeslam. Superkick cuts E off and they look for Magic Killer but Kofi slips out. Gallows charges in and gets dumped outside. Trouble in Paradise after Kofi gets the tag to Big E, Big Ending but Gallows pulls E out of the ring! E sends Gallows into the steps and Kofi hits a big turning trust fall dive!

Xavier with a trombone shot, E tags again...

New Day win by pinfall with Midnight Hour on Karl Anderson, retaining the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

New Day celebrate up the ramp as the Club fumes.


Network promo video again now before commentary throws to a video package for the Cruiserweight Championship.

TJP interviewed backstage by Tom now. Some say Kendrick is the favorite, but TJ's been training since 1998 for this moment. He was born the the clutch gene, but he has to admit he's a little nervous. Kendrick's been here, he's been a champion before, but confidence got Perkins this far, and he's confident he's gonna stay champion.

Brian Kendrick vs. TJ Perkins (c) (WWE Cruiserweight Championship)

Kendrick refuses the Code of Honor to start.

Kendrick rushes in but TJP gets a waistlock. Standing switch, takedown, another takedown, TJP turns it around and gets the break. Headscissors twist from the mat, Kendrick to his feet, TJP twists again. Kendrick out, gets a side headlock and grounds TJ in the middle of the ring. Perkins shoots him off, dropdown, leapfrog, wheelbarrow takedown into the kneebar but Kendrick escapes and bails.

Perkins looking for the triangle dropkick but Kendrick dodges, traps him in the apron and punches his face in. Lateral press gets one and Kendrick follows with an overhead elbow and forearms. Perkins off the ropes, sunset flip into a reverse rocking horse and then the Muta Lock! Kendrick to the ropes, TJP needs the ref's help to break. Charges in, Kendrick tosses him over the ropes to the outside.

Back in the ring with a Japanese stranglehold, Kendrick sits on TJP's back in the process before shifting to putting his head between TJ's shoulder blades. Perkins out with a bridge, Kendrick slings him into the ropes, TJP holds there and fakes Perkins out into running himself outside. Kendrick charges in and eats a roundhouse but gets a monkey flip to follow up. Back to the Japanese stranglehold but TJP denies him so instead Kendrick goes to a sit-down torture surfboard with a foot to the back of the head.

Shifts to put his knee on the back TJP's head and then back to the foot but Perkins flips and kicks out. Headscissors takeover, Manhattan Drop, spinning heel kick, Kendrick whips Perkins into the corner but TJP dodges and graps a sloppy neckbreaker. Chickenwing gutbuster gets two! Perkins with a straight suplex, keeps the hold and chains it into a back suplex before going up top but Kendrick cuts him off with a forearm to the leg.

Kendrick to the second, thinking superplex but TJP shoves him to the mat and hits a DIVING FRANKENSTEINER OVER THE ROPES AND TO THE OUTSIDE! Back in the ring, Kendrick drags TJP to his feet for Sliced Bread #2 but TJ dodges and hangs him on the ropes with a drop toehold for the corner dropkick. Back up top, TJP goes for a 450 but Kendrick dodges and tries to get the Captain's Hook. TJP rolls him over and gets the kneebar, Kendrick fights, rolls out into a waistlock. Sliced Bread #2 connects but it's not enough!

Kendrick slings Perkins over for the Captain's Hook but Perkins rolls through, second is successful but Perkins rolls through on the mat and lands the Detonation Kick...

TJ Perkins wins by submission with TJP Clutch, retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

TJP is interviewed but Kendrick cuts him off for a hug before dropping the champion with a headbutt!


Commentary puts over WWE 2K17 before throwing to a promo video for the game.

Tom Phillips is backstage with Cesaro, asking if he thought it was possible to get this far when he was down 3-0. When he was down, Cesaro realized it wasn't just about physical dominance, but about mental toughness, and tonight he proves who's mentally tougher. Tonight he's gonna reward the Cesaro Section with the biggest comeback in sports entertainment history.

Commentary recaps the previous six matches in the Best of Seven Series now. International announce teams are introduced as Cesaro makes his entrance.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus (Best of Seven Series Match Seven)

Sheamus out the gate wihth a vengeance. Whips Cesaro, Cesaro comes back with a kick and a dropkick before clotheslining Sheamus to the outside. Back on the apron Sheamus wrenches Cesaro around for the ten beats but cuts them off early for a headbutt and eats a European uppercut back outside. Cesaro runs around to charge at him but Sheamus pops him up on the apron. Cesaro with a seated senton off the apron before sending Sheamus into the barricade and back in the ring.

Cesaro up top but Sheamus knocks him down. Release Falcon Arrow type slam and a diving knee before Sheamus lays a forearm to the back. Standard backbreaker, and another to attack the injured back, before grabbing a reverse chinlock. Cesaro fires back with uppercuts, Sheamus whips him in the corner and hits a neat flipping heel kick before following up with a diving clothesline.

Sheamus thinking High Cross but Cesaro rolls out into a sunset flip for two. Sheamus returns with a slam and Cesaro crawls to the corner. Sheamus just grinding his forearm bones into the side of Cesaro's head before throwing uppercuts. In the corner, Cesaro dodges, Sheamus goes shoulder-first into the ringpost and then eats a Northern European uppercut.

Cesaro's getting fired up, whips Sheamus across and the uppercut train is a-rollin'! Step-up tornado DDT follows for two. Cesaro looking for the swing but Sheamus kicks him off, so Cesaro hangs him on the ropes for a 619! And the off the top with the diving crossbody for a nearfall. Cesaro sets up the Neutralizer but Sheamus back drops him, so Cesaro hits the springboard corkscrew uppercut.

Cesaro looking for the swing again and Sheamus kicks again, and a roll-up for two. Irish Curse follows, and Sheamus is mad. Another, and another, but it's still not enough. Looking for the cloverleaf, laying kicks into Cesaro's back to keep him from breaking it. Cesaro looking for the bottom rope but Sheamus drags him back and gets reversed. Tilt-a-whirl High Cross backbreaker!

Sheamus tries for a Brogue Kick, Cesaro ducks, roll-up, Cesaro Swing, into the Sharpshooter! Sheamus fighting for the ropes... and he gets them! Sheamus on the apron, Cesaro going to the second, thinking deadlift superplex but Sheamus blocks, looking for White Noise. Cesaro slips out, lands a boot that sends Sheamus to the outside and hits a wicked suicide dive where he lands on his head!

Back in the ring, Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick but Cesaro still has the wherewithal to kick out! Sheamus dropping a series of vicious knees now, over and over. They break, Cesaro with a Mafia kick and a lariat, hits the Neutralizer but Sheamus kicks out! Cesaro calling for the Neutralizer for a third time, but Sheamus fires a slap off and jaws at him. Cesaro back with a series of uppercuts, pushing Sheamus in the corner.

Charges in but Sheamus gets the boots up and skins the cat to go up top, where Cesaro fires another uppercut and a dropkick right to the face! Cesaro up to the second on the corner but Sheamus headbutts him to the outside and dives into an uppercut! Cesaro charges in and Sheamus scoops him up into White Noise on the floor. Cesaro shoots him into the ringpost and Cactus Clotheslines him over the barricade, where medics check on both men.

Referee John Cone goes over to the timekeeper and calls for the bell.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus goes to a no contest.

Cesaro yells in John Cone's face, saying he can go one handed, he's done it before, and Sheamus needs to be helped to his feet but doesn't want it. The crowd chants "Let them fight!" and Cesaro rolls back in the ring yelling "C'mon!" as Sheamus tries to fight past the referees and medics helping him to the back to go resume the match, but eventually they get him to the back as Cesaro stands in the ring.


House ad for No Mercy and then we're backstage with Bayley as Charlotte comes over. She says it's good to see her, even if she weaseled her way into a title opportunity. Bayley says this has been a dream of hers and she earned her title opportunity tonight. Charlotte says none of that matters because Bayley is not going to win. Bayley says she's not going to be intimidated, because she's beat Charlotte before and she'll beat her again. Charlotte fires back that Bayley can't even beat Sasha and that's the segment.

Michael Cole puts over the Get the Gear, Give the Gear anti-pediatric cancer effort and we're on to the next match.

Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn

Jericho stalls, angry at the fans, before throwing his scarf in Sami's face. Sami forces him into the corner and wails on him, punch after punch after punch. To another corner, more of the same before Chad Patton forces the break and Jericho hits a big right on the break. More right hands, a hammer blow, Jericho ties Zayn up in the ropes. Leapfrog from Sami, arm drags, more strikes, whip but Jericho grabs the ropes and bails outside.

Sami runs around the corner for a big clothesline and Jericho begs off only to eat another punch. Whip, reversal, Sami with the Asai moonsault off the barricade and Jericho's knee is bothering him. Zayn sends Jericho back in the ring where he uses Chad Patton as a shield to set up the springboard triangle dropkick. Low dropkick sends Zayn out of the ring again.

Jericho slams Sami's head into the steps and throws another forearm before dropping him face-first on the barricade. Sami back in the ring, Jericho up top, diving back elbow for two. Disdainful slap and Y2J slams Sami's face into the turnbuckle before following with a chop and a forearm. Sami with overhand chops, whip, reversed, corner headscissors, Jericho hangs him by the Jesus Zipper on the top rope and knocks him outside again.

Y2J takes the boos in before sliding outside, straight suplex on the floor and he rolls back in looking for the countout win. Sami back in at seven, Jericho kicks him in the head and the shoulders before grabbing a reverse chinlock. Sami traps an arm escape and whips Jericho into the corner but eats a boot when he comes him. Jericho looking for the one-handed bulldog and Zayn shoves him away knee-first into the turnbuckles.

Big lariat from Sami, he's firing up. Right hands to Jericho and a low bridge when Chris charges in. Tope con giro! Back in the ring, Zayn goes up top, diving crossbody gets two. Looking for the Blue Thunder Driver, Jericho fights out only to eat the Michinoku Driver! Zayn goes back up top but Jericho cuts him off with a shove. Chop, Jericho to the second, looking for a superplex but Zayn blocks and hits an avalanche gourdbuster of his own. Goes to dive but Jericho ducks and gets the Walls of Jericho only for Zayn to flip him off. Enzuigiri from Y2J and Sami's out of it.

Jericho kicks his head in against the ropes and stands him up for slaps but Sami fires back with slaps of his own! Elbow, Lionsault, but Zayn has the knees up! Looking for the Blue Thunder Driver again, Jericho looks for the Tiger backbreaker, Sami gets the knucklelock tornado DDT! Helluva Kick primed up but Jericho bails... THROUGH-THE-ROPES CORNER SUICIDE DIVE TORNADO DDT!

Back in the ring, Sami's setting the Helluva Kick up again but Jericho dodges. Looking for the Codebreaker, Sami catches it and throws him away, corner exploder suplex, another Helluva Kick but Jericho dodges, picks a leg, and gets the Walls of Jericho on! Sami desperately pushes himself up, crawling... he gets enough room to slip under and reverse for a small package nearfall.

Jericho up top, diving axehandle lands right into the Blue Thunder Driver! But Sami takes too long to capitalize and...

Chris Jericho wins by pinfall with a Codebreaker.


And on to the Colonel vs. Chicken commercial again before the Hispanic Heritage video for Roberto Clemente.

Backstage Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon approach Kevin Owens to tell him how proud they are of him for main eventing the first Raw PPV. KO agrees that it's a big deal before asking Mick Foley if he's proud of him for overcoming all the obstacles that he himself put in his way. He says that it means a lot for Stephanie to believe in him and tonight he's gonna show her why HHH picked him over Seth Rollins and why Steph and Mick should have picked him as Raw's #1 draft pick and why he is the main event, but most importantly why Seth Rollins is no longer the man, but just the mistake. Your mistake.

Video package for the Women's Championship match follows, so that's next.


Bayley vs. Charlotte (c) vs. Sasha Banks (WWE Raw Women's Championship)

Sasha immediately hammering blows down on Charlotte, taking her outside, but Bayley lands a baseball slide that drops both. Pinfall attempts on Charlotte come up short and Sasha comes in to shove her out the way and try herself. They argue for a minute and Sasha shoves Bayley so Bayley grabs a roll-up. Wristlock, whip, Sasha gets a foot up, Charlotte drops Sasha to the mat from the apron. Waistlock, Bayley reverses to a wristlock, Charlotte whips, arm drag from Bayley.

Sasha ducks lariats, triple dropkick! Charlotte charges in with a double clothesline but they duck and chop her. Sasha knocks Bayley down and Charlotte goes after her. Bodyslam attempt, tilt-a-whirl is countered, Sasha looking for a suplex, Charlotte reverses to a neckbreaker. Charlotte up top, Sasha cuts her off and hangs her in the tree of woe for a running knee. Bayley with an exploder to Sasha and an elbow drop to Sasha that gets a two-count.

Sasha with a kick to Bayley, whips her to the apron, Bayley with a shoulder block, stunner on the second rope but Dana pulls her off the apron and rams her into the barricade before she can capitalize. Charlotte with a boot to Sasha's injured back and then knee drops into the kneeling surfboard. Knee strike to the back and back to the surfboard but Sasha stands up so Charlotte drops her to the mat. Bayley on the apron, Charlotte knocks her off and hammer whips Sasha into the corner.

Exploder suplex from Charlotte gets two and she goes back to the knee strikes to the back and rips Sasha's tape off. Big slap to the back and she goes outside to lock the ringpost bow-and-arrow in. Bayley struggles to her feet and Charlotte runs her over again, stomping her shoulder in. Sasha rolls away and Charlotte heads back in, eating forearms. Irish whip, headscissors takeover, Charlotte face-first into the turnbuckle, more forearms, off the ropes for clotheslines and a dropkick. Catches Charlotte's leg, knee to the face, thinking Bank Stankment but Charlotte cuts her off, Bayley back in with a diving crossbody to both women!

Shoulder blocks to both women in opposite corners, then the tube man elbow, then knee lifts but Sasha ducks hers and sets up the corner rope-hung knee drop. Charlotte in and she gets set up too, but when Sasha drops the knees she ducks out and is able to break up the pin. Meteora to Bayley on the outside and Sasha goes chop for chop and kick for kick with Charlotte. Dana knocked on her ass, back in the ring Charlotte hits the STO backbreaker STO combo and looks for the figure four but Sasha kicks her off right into the Bayley-to-Belly!

Sasha tries to steal the pin on Bayley but Charlotte breaks it out. All three to their knees for chops now, Charlotte just laying 'em in only to eat piles of forearms in return. They whip her away but Charlotte comes back with a knee to Sasha and sends Bayley into the corner. Overhand chops from Sasha send Charlotte in the corner and then she sets her up top. Sasha to the second, thinking superplex but Charlotte counters with the avalanche gourdbuster. Bayley runs into a knee but climbs back and gets shoved off again.

Charlotte with a body slam, sets both women up for the moonsault. She goes up top and hits it and covers Sasha but it's no good. Cover on Bayley fails as well so Charlotte hits Natural Selection but Sasha breaks it up and locks the Bank Statement on only for Dana Brooke to drag Charlotte out of the ring. Bayley with an O'Connor Roll, Sasha reverses, looking for Bayley-to-Belly but Sasha blocks. Charlotte back in with a rollup, feet on the ropes but Sasha kicks out.

Charlotte charges in, lungblower, Bank Statement is in, Dana trying to save her but Sasha kicks her away and Bayley breaks it up anyway. Bayley looking for a suplex, Sasha reverses, Bank Statement, Charlotte breaks it up! Low dropkick sends Sasha outside and Charlotte orders some crew to move and throws Sasha into the barricade. Charlotte in to capitalize on Bayley but gets small packaged. Bayley looking for a sunset flip but Charlotte escapes with the help of Sasha's hair, hits a big boot on Bayley, another...

Charlotte wins by pinfall with a big boot on Bayley, retaining the WWE Raw Women's Championship.

Charlotte and Dana celebrate on the ramp and Cole kicks it to the pre-show panel.


Renee Young introduces Lita, Booker, and Jerry Lawler, who put the show over big.

Commentary then throws to a video package for the United States Championship match, which is next.

Roman Reigns vs. Rusev (c) (WWE United States Championship)

Collar and elbow lockup, they push each other into the corner and then into the ropes before breaking. Rusev with a leg kick, Roman with a right hand tosses him out the ring. Looking for a Samoan drop, Rusev powers out, Roman pops him in the chops for his trouble and Rusev collects himself outside. Back in the ring, they stare each other down more and circle before Rusev charges in and they trade strikes. Roman wins the exchange but Rusev comes back with the spinning wheel kick for a pin attempt.

Rusev kicking Roman's chest in before going to the mat and picking Reigns up by the vest for punches to the head. Rusev back on the attack with a kick to the ribs before choking Roman over the middle rope. Hammer whip into the corner and Reigns crawls to his feet into another. Rusev fires a big right off when Roman gets to his feet after that one and then taunts him to stand up again, throwing another. Rusev with a pair of knee lifts, off the ropes but Roman is one step ahead of him with a big lariat.

Back elbow cuts Rusev off and Roman hits a second lariat and then a jumping lariat when Rusev whips him to the ropes again. Reigns charges in but Rusev dodges and throws him shoulder-first into the ringpost and then to the outside. Rusev slams Roman into the barricade and the apron, then the barricade a second time before breaking referee Rod Zapata's count. Roman fires back with punches and sends Rusev back in the ring, but Rusev rolls out the other side.

Reigns sends Rusev into the barricade but Rusev returns the favor by throwing him into the steps. A second time and he sends Roman back in the ring for a two-count. Rusev grounds Roman with an arm triangle, wrenching on it as Reigns fights to his feet. Knee lift, judo throw, Rusev off the ropes for a jumping headbutt. Zapata admonishes Rusev for grabbing the vest, so I suppose gi chokes are illegal in WWE. Rusev whips Roman into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick on the rebound.

Rusev to the second for a diving headbutt but Reigns rolls out of the way. Samoan drop gets two and Roman goes for the corner lariats. Looking for a follow-up boot and Rusev dodges, so he improvises and clotheslines him over the ropes and to the outside before tossing him into the barricade again. Into the steps now, giving everything he got earlier back before sending Rusev into the ring again.

Roman signals for the Superman Punch but Rusev cuts him off with a kick to the ribs and follows with right hands. Rusev off the ropes and Roman cuts him off with an elbow and fires off more punches of his own, only to eat a Hot Shot and a roundhouse kick. Rusev signaling for the Accolade but he runs right into the Superman Punch! Roman's getting fired up and calls for the spear but Lana gets on the apron and Rusev runs in with the thrust kick. It's not enough and Rusev throws a tantrum in Rod Zapata's face.

Rusev starts laying the stomps in for the Accolade but Roman won't let him get the second arm and hits a spear but Lana drags the referee out of the ring before he can count to three! Rod sends her to the back! Rusev looks longingly as she walks off and Roman rolls him up for two. Superman Punch dodged, Roman sends Rusev out of the ring and hits a slingshot dropkick. Drive-By! And another on the announce table!

Back in the ring, Reigns looking for the spear again but he gets cut off by the thrust kick again for two! The Accolade is in! Roman's fading but he won't give up. He brute forces himself to his knees and to his feet, deadlifting Rusev into a fireman's carry but he escapes with a thumb to the eyes. Rusev with a kick, he charges in...

Roman Reigns wins by pinfall with the spear, becoming your NEW WWE United States Champion!

Roman celebrates on the turnbuckles as Rusev stares at the lights.


House ad for No Mercy now and then backstage with Mick and Steph and Seth Rollins. They wish him luck but he says save it, because everything that comes out of Stephanie's mouth is a bald-faced lie. She tries to argue that she had nothing to do with it again and he shuts her right down, telling her to tell HHH that he bet against the wrong guy.

And then a Hell in a Cell house ad featuring a Ouija board before commentary throws to a video package for the Universal Championship match.

Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins (WWE Universal Championship)

Owens immediately heads outside when the bell rings. Seth follows and of course, Kev heads back inside. Trying to stomp Seth but ends up punching him and heading outside. Rollins tosses KO into the barricade, then back in the ring fires right hands and stomps at Owens in the corner. Owens back outside, Seth hits the flying knee off the apron and tosses him back inside for a cover.

Knife-edge chop sends KO into the corner, Seth fires off another and then a snapmare into a running knee. Right hand backs Owens in the corner again and Rollins follows up with stomps. Whip, Seth with a blockbuster off the top that gets one. KO snaps Seth's neck off the top, Seth looks for the pedigree, KO counters, Seth looking for the flying knee, Owens dodges, Seth with a kick, Owens catches it, kicks his knee, and hits a DDT.

Rollins heads outside and Owens follows, ramming him into the barricade and then the ringpost. Back in the ring, KO fires a punch off and waits for Rollins to get to his feet before knocking him down with a second and yelling in his face as a prelude to a stomp. More trash talk and they trade rights until Seth goes for a whip, Owens reverses, elbow to the forehead, kick to the back, Rollins staggers to his feet and into the corner where KO stomps at the bad knee.

Owens hangs the bad knee over the middle rope and kicks at it. Seth fires back with strikes, whips, KO catches the ropes, Seth charges in and gets back body dropped to the outside. Owens mockingly asks if Seth is okay before hitting an elbow drop off the apron and rolling back into the ring to soak up the crowd. Rollins back in at the count of eight, Owens with a snapmare into the senton for two, then on to the reverse chinlock, which he takes all the way to the mat.

KO talks more trash, saying that he's the man (is he so bad he should be in detention?) and that Rollins will "fade to Black", get it? Seth out, looking for an Irish whip but Kevin reverses it and hammer whips him so hard that the ring audibly shudders. Another follows and KO takes a moment to soak the heat in again. Another leg kick as Owens mocks the Architect for not even having a foundation, whip in the corner, Flair Flip, back in with a clothesline to gain some space.

Back on their feet, forearms for elbows and Seth wins the exchange, whip, back and forth, Sling Blade! Big running corner forearms follow, then the reverse STO into the turnbuckles. Back suplex backbreaker gets two! Running knee sends KO outside and Seth chucks him into the barricade, then again on the other side. Seth starts dismantling the Spanish announce table but Owens heads back in the ring and catches him in a fireman's carry. Seth slips out, looking for a suplex, KO blocks and escapes, Rollins nails him with Avada Kedavra.

Kick to the gut, looking for the Pedigree but Owens gets out, Seth goes to the corner for something and KO kicks his knee out to set up the cannonball for a tight nearfall. Owens with the package piledriver set up but Rollins is out and hits a knee, Owens with a superkick, Rollins with an enzuigiri and both men are down! Running elbow from Rollins, running clothesline from Owens, follows with the cannonball but Seth is out of the way. Flying knee, Owens dodges and hits the Steenbreaker! Not enough!

KO up top, Rollins cuts him off with a kick and joins him on the second, thinking superplex. Owens blocks and knocks Seth down with a headbutt, Rollins back up in a flash but KO hits an avalanche fireman's carry gutbuster! Frog Splash! No good! Seth heads outside, Owens follows with right hands, forcing Rollins onto the Spanish announce table. KO breaks the count and takes the cover off the English announce table and crotch chops referee Chad Patton when he threatens to DQ him. Running senton on the Spanish table but Rollins gets out of the way and KO crashes through the table by himself!

Rollins up top, flying knee, up top on the other side... Frog Splash of his own! Jericho runs out and yells at Seth, distracting him enough for KO to hit the package Flowsion. Jericho yells at Owens to powerbomb Seth but Seth whips Owens into Jericho. Knee to the face, crotch chop of his own, Pedigree... Y2J puts Owens' foot on the ropes! Seth stares daggers at Jericho and rolls out to go after him.

Jericho slides in the ring, Owens cuts Seth off, looking for the pop-up powerbomb but Rollins dodges right into Chad Patton, the referee is out! Pop-up powerbomb attempt number two, Rollins counters into the Pedigree and the audience gets to a count of 20 before Seth climbs off. Rollins tries to rouse Patton but Jericho runs into him and stomps him in the corner. Hammer blows to the back, a chop, whip, Rollins back drops Jericho to the outside... Rollins with a suicide dive on Jericho!

And a second on Kevin Owens on the other side! Seth rolls Owens back inside and resumes trying to wake poor Chad Patton up when Steph comes out with John Cone! But Owens is ready for him and...

Kevin Owens wins by pinfall with a pop-up powerbomb, retaining the WWE Universal Championship.

KO and Jericho celebrate up the ramp, Y2J demanding John Cone raise their hands together. Y2J sings a bit of We Are the Champions and that's the show, folks.

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