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Brock Lesnar beats Randy Orton in SummerSlam rematch at Chicago house show

Brock Heyman


If you thought there was any chance Brock Lesnar would lose a match at a WWE house show, or that Randy Orton would actually get his win back from SummerSlam, or even that the rumors would be true and they would book a non-finish, you were wrong. The two met at tonight’s (Sept. 24, 2016) house show in Chicago and it went about like you’d expect.

You can check out a Periscope of the entire match here, for however long it lasts.

Before the match, Paul Heyman cut a promo asking that it become a No Disqualification match. Twitter tells us Orton changed his game plan and, with the new rules in place, opened with a sneak attack:

It appeared he may even have a chance!

Alas, he met the same fate as so many others before him:

Orton goes back to feuding with Bray Wyatt while Lesnar, presumably, heads back home.

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