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WWE Clash of Champions 2016: Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox full match preview

Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax

Kickoff Match

Since Raw became its own brand, Nia Jax has been perfecting the art of the squash match, making quick work of different local talent while she showcased her power. The toughest part about squash matches is how to graduate the squasher into a feud with someone on the roster. This transition was rather smooth.

On Raw in Kansas City on Sept. 5, Nia Jax had a match with a local talent named Ann Esposito. And she did was she always does: Beat the hell out of the poor gal.

We learned prior to the match that Ms. Esposito is friends with Raw superstar Alicia Fox. So when Alicia Fox was checking on her decimated friend backstage after the match with Jax, Nia decided to rub it in and Alicia was unhappy.

Foxy then flipped out, as she’s been known to do, tossing stuff everywhere until a box landed in Nia’s face. Jax was angered by this and ended up shoving Alicia literally out of her shoes. That sequence is the highlight of this feud.

They had a match the following week that ended in a no contest after Nia speared Fox through the barricade. It was a match where Alicia didn’t get much offense in.

Foxy willl get another chance to avenger her friend’s beat down (and her own) tomorrow night on the Clash of Champions kickoff show. Nia will get another chance to beat the hell out of someone.

The Clash of Champions kickoff show starts at 7 EST and can be seen on the WWE Network, Facebook, and YouTube.

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