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WWE may be interested in Broken Matt Hardy

TNA YouTube

WWE ... he knew you’d come.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), WWE is once again interested in Matt Hardy or at least he’s “gotten feelers from intermediaries that HHH wants him when his contract expires, which would be next spring.”

Hardy hasn’t been seen in a WWE ring in six years, as he was released back in 2010 after being sent home from a European tour. What followed was a series of bizarre YouTube videos, an arrest, a stint in rehab, and an interesting run through the independent scene that eventually led him to where he is today, leading the charge in TNA as “Broken Matt Hardy.”

The character has led to his being lauded as a creative genius, making him a hot commodity in the pro wrestling world. As the Observer notes, he does well for himself both in TNA and on the indie scene. That means WWE would likely need one hell of an offer to get him to consider a change, especially considering how creatively stifling we know the company to be.

There’s also a question of whether or not the Broken Matt character could even work in WWE or if it would have the same support it does now. Then again, the character could cool off quite a bit over the next several months before his contract expires.

Stay tuned.

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