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Finn Balor hopes he'll be back in WWE in time for WrestleMania 33

"So today is three weeks to the day that I started rehabilitation on my shoulder injury. I gotta be honest, I feel like I've lived a lifetime in the last three weeks. The first week especially was very difficult, not only physically but mentally coming to terms with everything that's gone on from SummerSlam to Monday Night Raw. I didn't really have an opportunity to think about it until I was actually back at home in Orlando and kind of left to my own devices and my own thoughts. Coming to terms with that was definitely at least something that was a process.

"But the process was made a lot easier by a genuinely humbling outpouring of love and support and well wishes from family, friends, who all support me, like the fans of the WWE Universe on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, sending me all their well wishes. I really believe in the power of people's collective thoughts being able to influence things and I really believe that everyone's outpouring of love and support is something that's really helped drive me forward in the quest to recover or the quest to rehab my shoulder.

"So I want to thank you guys first and foremost for all your support. I'd like to let you know that at the three week point rehab is going well. I've been rehabbing five days a week here at the Performance Center. Everything is looking good. Next week I will go back to Birmingham, Alabama where I had the surgery and do a week's worth of rehab there. Hopefully I'll get to see the surgeon. As faith would have it, SmackDown will be in town on Tuesday, so I'll get an opportunity to stop by SmackDown, hopefully, and see some of my old friends.

"But as of now at the three week marker, everything is looking good. Thank you kindly for all your support. It's only another five months until Finn's back, hopefully right in time for WrestleMania."

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