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WWE RAW preview (Aug. 12, 2016): Who will Reign supreme?

The Kevin Owens Show

-The longest reigning Universal Champion in WWE history, Kevin Owens, is set to defend his title against Seth Rollins at Clash of the Champions. Before he does, he must face Roman Reigns in non-title match. If Reigns wins, he will be added to the pay-per-view match, making the affair a triple threat.

-Will KO’s oft tag team partner and friend, Chris Jericho, get involved?

-Seth Rollins, who is no fan of either KO or Reigns, will surely have opinions on this match. Will he get involved?

-Where, oh, where is COO Triple H?

The Women’s Champ Has Her Hands Full

-Sasha Banks' "bad news" was that she is invoking her rematch clause for the Women’s Championship at Clash. What will Charlotte do as a response?

-Charlotte also lost to Bayley in a non-title match last week. Will Bayley want a piece of that action at the upcoming pay-per-view?

-Where does Dana Brooke, who was thoroughly humiliated by both the Champ and Banks last week, stand in all of this?

Best of Seven continues

-Cesaro finally got a win against Sheamus in their best of seven series this past week at a house show in London, making the series 3-1 in the Irishman’s favor.

-Tonight, match five takes place. Will Sheamus put the Swiss Superman away for good? Or will Cesaro live to fight another day?

-Most importantly, what kind of "championship opportunity" lies ahead for the winner? Can we get a little more detail on that? No? Carry on then.

Are the fun and games over for New Day and the Club?

-No, seriously, are they? Because they should be.

Do you Bo-lieve?

-What’s next for Bo Dallas after revealing an ultra aggressive side in a squash match last week?

-Who will be the next poor soul to face his wrath?

Other things to watch for:

-Are the United States Champion, Rusev and Lana still on their honeymoon?

-Will Darren Young and Titus O'Neil continue to have the feud no one cares about?

-Will more names be revealed for the upcoming Cruiserweight division?  Will they reveal a new title?

-Will anyone care now that Monday Night Football is back?

Raw will be held in the Royal Farms Arena tonight in Baltimore, Maryland. What will you be looking forward to on tonight’s show?

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