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Let's listen to Braun Strowman's entrance theme and run through walls

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A while back, WWE released Braun Strowman's entrance video, which featured a condensed version of his theme song, I Am Stronger. Today, the folks at WWE Music have released the full song, as you can hear by clicking play in the video above, as it is now available on iTunes and Spotify. It is quite possibly the greatest theme song in the history of WWE, if only for the RAWR at the open. That's the only time you hear it too, which is fine because you spend the rest of the song cleaning up your own piss because it terrified you or that's just how hard you were laughing. In my case, it's a bit of both. Despite said piss, you will* be able to run through walls if you have this on in your earphones.

BigAss McStrongMan forever.

*You will not be able to run through walls