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WWE Raw results, live blog (Aug. 29, 2016): Fatal 4-Way for the Universal championship

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 29, 2016) from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Clash of Champions event scheduled for next month in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Advertised for tonight: A Fatal 4-Way match to determine the new Universal champion, Bayley is going after Charlotte's women's title, Braun Strowman is ready to squash, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Red flash clouds choking out the morning sky; they said it'd never come, but I'm just here to liveblog a pro wrestling show, folks.

Show opens with a graphic in memory of Mr. Fuji, very nice. Then into the usual recap of last week, focused on Finn vacating the Universal Championship and the series of matches held to set up tonight's four-way for the title.

Camera pans across the ring, where the belt is on a podium and all four men contesting it tonight are sitting with Corey Graves. Corey does an introduction and Seth cuts him off to brag about injuring Finn and say that the entire world knows he's the favorite to win tonight due to being the #1 overall draft pick and so on. He wants to donate his speaking time to one of the other men and chooses his former Ring of Honor coworker Kevin Owens. KO thanks him and puts Corey's Network show over before saying that it's a great honor to be in a match with such great competitors and how exciting it is. Corey asks him for his actual option and KO asks him if he didn't want everybody to be nice to each other (to "Fight Owens Fight" chants) and says they're set up like a group therapy session. With Sami Zayn out of the picture-- Seth interjects to take credit-- KO can focus on the Universal Championship. Seth can talk big, but he delivers big, Roman-- boos rain down-- fights hard, he fights smarts, and Big Cass, well, he's just really tall.

KO is surprised Cass can talk, assuming he just had a pullstring on his back that Enzo yanks to get a "How you doin'?", which Cass responds to by suggesting Jericho gave him that line when they were out scarf shopping. Cass puts it over like he has nothing to lose and Seth says even Enzo took a bet out against Cass. Cass says he's no underdog, but rather the biggest dog in this fight, and no matter what Seth thinks, size does matter. Seth now says he's taking his time back and tells the audience that he's doing just fine, and he's glad it's an elimination match because he's gonna shove it down his seven foot throat, send Owens back to his scarf-wearing buddy Jericho, and that like death and taxes, it's certain that Seth Rollins beats Roman Reigns every time. He then asks Corey to ask Roman what he's gonna do to beat Seth tonight. Corey does so, and Roman stands up, cricks his neck, and lays Kevin Owens right out!

Rollins on Cass but Roman shoves him neck-first into the bottom turnbuckle and the Big Dog and the Biggest Dog face off for a second before Seth cheapshots Roman. Seth sends Big Cass out the ring and then Roman nails him with a Superman Punch before staring down the Universal Championship. KO walks up the ramp jawing, Cass poses, and Michael Cole proceeds to put tonight's Paul Heyman appearance over.

Chris Jericho prowling backstage and we're off to break with Byron Saxton promising us him against Neville next.

Back live in time for Neville's entrance, and Michael Cole puts over that this is a chance for him to avenge Jericho taking him out of title contention last week. Interview with Tom Philips, and Jericho claims he attempted nothing, he was just there for moral support for his good friend Kevin Owens. Everybody knows Owens was going to beat Neville, and everyone knows Owens is going to walk out Universal Champion tonight. He calls Neville Mighty Mouse and sings a bit of the song before saying he's not come to save the day, but come to get embarrassed and to get the gift of Jericho. Drink it in, etc.

Chris Jericho vs. Neville

Jericho shoves Neville and gets forearms and chops in return. Whip, duck the lariat, big crossbody from Neville! Jericho looking for a dropkick, Neville catapults him to the outside before looking for a tope but Jericho bails. Y2J angrily kicks the barricade and jaws with the fans before Neville gets out of the ring and taps his shoulder. Jericho does the slow turn and beg but Neville kicks him and sends him back in the ring. Up top, huge diving crossbody gets two and Y2J does the Rocky Romero hug the ref deal. Neville with kicks in the corner, Rod Zapata separates and Jericho rakes the eyes and goes for some ground and pound as we cut to break.

Back from commercial and Jericho looks to have hit a super gourdbuster as a superplex counter and follows it up with a diving corkscrew elbow. Pulls Neville to his feet only to snap him down into the side headlock. Neville fights to his feet, body blows earn a knee from the veteran but Neville fires off a series of kicks, sending Jericho into the corner. Back elbow from Y2J, Neville sends him to the apron where he runs up top only to eat an Alarm Clock kick to the midsection and a standing shooting star press that gets two.

Boot to the gut, Neville lays a chop in and whips Jericho but ol' Y2J heads outside. Running single leg dropkick off the apron followed by an Asai Moonsault! Neville shoots Jericho back in and goes up top but Jericho wakes up and Neville decides to go for a springboard dropkick instead. Forearms in the corner, Neville whips Chris across but the Canadian gets a boot up. Looking for the one handed bulldog but Neville counters by shooting Jericho crotch-first into the corner. Revolution deadlift German suplex attempt but Jericho rolls through looking for the Walls of Jericho. Before he can get all of it, Neville gets a small package. Codebreaker but Neville deadlifts and throws Y2J away for a superkick! Shooting star press, but the pool is empty.

Neville tries a headscissors but Jericho counters right into the full Liontamer, knee to the head and all! Neville taps!

Clip of Bayley walking backstage earlier today and hugging passers-by when she runs into the New Day! The New Day guys pop for here and do the chant, whereupon Bayley responds by doing the hip swivel gimmick. So of course Dana shows up to poop their party, calling Bayley unprofessional and saying she'll never succeed because she doesn't belong. New Day do the owl gimmick, asking Dana who exactly Bayley beat last week. Dana talks about how she's been talking to the Club lately, and New Day want the mixed trios match.

SmackDown ad focused on Ambrose/Styles takes us to commercial, the first of which is Chicken vs. Colonel Sanders, an excellent match.

Back from break with Nia Jax making her way to the ring.

Andrea DeMarco interviews her opponent, who says she's from Houston, Texas, and everything is bigger in Texas, including her heart.

Hyane vs. Nia Jax

Nia levels Hyane with a clothesline before lifting her by her hair and slamming her back into the mat. Elbow drop and Nia rams her into the corner before repeated shoulder thrusts and chucking her across the ring by her hair. Hip press in the corner and it's almost over.

Nia Jax with the fireman's carry powerslam for the win.

Nia stares at Hyane's corpse like she's thinking about going back like Braun did last week, but we cut.

Gallows and Anderson on video now, talking about how they used to be doctors, but now they're retirement experts representing a group called OLD FART. They retired the Dudleys last week, but now they're planning on retiring the New Day, as tag team champions at least. Their program is not, as Gallows suggests endless reruns of Matlock and Lawrence Welk, but rather headed up by Nurse Dana Brooke, who comes out dressed as a nurse and asks where they intend to begin with the ol' rubber glove snap to take us to commercial.

Back from break with Cole putting over the Universal Championship match and saying that they're gonna take a look at all four men competing in it, so we're off to a Seth Rollins video package.

Back from the package with Jinder Mahal in the ring for a match.

Jinder Mahal vs. Sami Zayn

Collar and elbow that Jinder quickly turns into a wristlock. Sami rolls around and reverses it, grounding Jinder momentarily with an armbar. Sami into a hammerlock but Jinder's out and shoots Sami off for the leapfrog spot that blew up his ankle last week. Chops in the corner and Jinder bails, trying to yank Sami out of the ring by the bad leg. Back in the ring, Jinder clobbers Sami to the mat and lands some mounted punches.

Sami looking for a suplex but Mahal forces him in the corner and slaps him. Dropkick and a chinlock but Sami fights out. Waistlock, looking for an O'Connor roll but Jinder blocks so Zayn clobbers him with a lariat. Corner exploder!

Helluva Kick and Sami Zayn picks up the win.

Commentary confims the mixed trio match and says it's next, but first we're getting a medical update on Sasha Banks. Cruiserweight Classic ad (remember to check out my preview on Wednesday!) and we're off to break.

Back from commercial and commentary is joined by WWE Women's Champion Charlotte. Turns out the "update" is just footage from the pre-show. So I'll just go ahead and direct you to the General's coverage of that from earlier in the night and save my fingers a little.

Charlotte says her dad wasn't there and Dana wasn't there so Sasha simply has no excuse and then Big E does the deal. Cole puts today over as number 372 of New Day's title reign as they enter, and Bailey follows, getting her very own unicorn horn.

Bayley & the New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) vs. Dana Brooke & The Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

Dana gets to drop a Too Sweet with the Hoots, I'm actually kinda jealous.

Women starting off with the crowd hot for Bayley. Collar and elbow, and Dana takes charge with hard shots to the back, slamming Bayley to the mat and raining blows down, but Bayley counters with a jackknife cradle and La Magistral, working her way to an armbar. Dana out, slams Bayley's head into the turnbuckle a few times but Bayley quickly reverses and returns the favor.

Tag, Anderson and E in with E taking charge, quick tag to Kofi and a Penalty Kick gets one. New Day keeping the pressure with another tag, Big E shoulder block into a Stinger Splash from Kofi into E's belly-to-belly suplex. Dana distracts the ref, Gallows hits E, and Anderson comes back with a kick in the corner. Gallows tags in and hits E in the corner a few times before going for an elbow drop that E rolls away from.

Tags made, Kofi with a diving lariat to Anderson. Running chops and a dropkick before a leaping lariat and the Boom Drop. Rolling solebutt sends Anderson into New Day's corner for the Unicorn Stampede. Big running dropkick finale with accompaniment from Francesca, Bayley tags in and fires a dropkick of her own at Anderson before Dana comes in! Dana to the outside, Bayley and New Day celebrate as we go to break.

Back from commercial and we're staring at the commentary desk for some reason. Camera focuses in the ring and we're back to Anderson vs. Kofi. Kofi knocks the Machine Gun out of the corner and looks for a springboard but Anderson catches him into that beautiful spinebuster. Mounted punches and Anderson tags Gallows in. Big Hoot hangs Kofi in the tree of woe and fires a dropkick at him. Back suplex gets two and Gallows rains elbows down into Kofi's collarbone before grabbing the reverse chinlock. Kofi to his feet, fighting out with elbows, but Gallows levels him with an elbow when he goes off the ropes.

Anderson back in, picking Kofi up and slamming him back into the mat before dropping knees. Kofi rolls before the third one with the raised knee pad lands and Anderson's in pain. Gallows tries to cut Kofi off but Kofi sends him outside. Kofi looking for the tag but Gallows drags Big E off the apron. Anderson charges in but Kofi lands the Trevor Lee double stomp Meteora!

Bayley back in, tube man elbow, exploder suplex, diving corkscrew elbow but Anderson drags Dana away before the three count! E takes out Anderson, Gallows takes out E, Kofi hits an INSANE corkscrew senton to the outside to take Gallows out! Dana looks for a rollup but Bayley kicks out...

Bayley-to-Belly gets Bayley and New Day the win!

Cole starts talking about Brock Lesnar again, putting over Heyman's appearance later.

Cesaro backstage getting interviewed by Tom Philips, who says that Cesaro will be in a rough spot if he loses tonight. Cesaro responds saying he's already in a rough spot, and he wants that championship opportunity for winning the series. But any day in WWE is a good day, and especially any day he gets to beat Sheamus up is a good day. He says nobody likes Sheamus and he's gonna throw him around and around and around and around.

SmackDown ad saying Daniel Bryan is going to address the Miz tomorrow night! And we're off to break.

Back from commercial and Corey Graves puts Fifth Harmony over for winning some awards. Bully for them, I suppose, but I'll stick to the new Sodom record. (Not as good as Epitome of Torture, but a solid deal. Check it out!)

Big Cass video package for the Universal Championship match.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus (Best of Seven Series Match 2)

Byron tries to interview Sheamus but the Irishman grabs the mic. He heard what the "Swiss Miss" had to say about him, but he knows that Cesaro is just desperate because wrestling is all he has. He's certainly not a charming, witty movie star like Sheamus is. He's spent his entire life trying to become WWE Champion (well, he's on the wrong show for that...) whereupon he gets the ol' "What?" chant and handles it nicely by asking the crowd if they're deaf. Anyway, how is Cesaro gonna feel when he finds out that Sheamus is just better, he asks, and Cesaro comes out.

Bell rings, lockup, go-behind from Cesaro right into a pin. Sheamus gets in the ropes and they lock back up only for Cesaro to pick the leg and Sheamus breaks again. Sheamus gets a headlock takeover and tries to turn it into a pin but Cesaro stands. Off the ropes, elbow, Cesaro picks the legs looking for the swing but Sheamus fights so he just stomps his chest in. Sheamus bails to the apron and Cesaro looks to follow up but Sheamus lands a shoulder block and a neck snap and looks for the ten beats but Cesaro snaps his elbow.

European uppercuts on the outside and Cesaro sends Sheamus back in. Sheamus begs off because his elbow's "hurt" but Cesaro drops the double axehandle anyway. Shoulder armbreakers and Cesaro keeps wrenching. Whips reversed, boot to the gut but Cesaro hits that dropkick. Mafia kick takes Sheamus off the apron and we're off to commercial.

Back from break and Sheamus is working a reverse chinlock. Cesaro fights out and fires an uppercut but Sheamus catches him with the Irish Curse for two. Stomps to the gut set up the cloverleaf but Cesaro isn't for turning and fights out it with a kick to the face. Ducks the Brogue Kick, springboard corkscrew European uppercut and both guys are down. Cesaro signals for the swing and takes Sheamus down but he gets in the ropes. Cesaro doesn't let go and yanks him back into a sunset flip pin for two! Whipped in the ropes, Cesaro with a boot and he goes up top for a big crossbody but Sheamus rolls through into a pin of his own.

European uppercuts in the corner, Cesaro whips, Sheamus blocks with the elbow and grabs a schoolboy with feet on the ropes for leverage. More uppercuts in the corner and then running ones, corner to corner. Sets Sheamus up top and nails him with a dropkick right to the nose! Running around the ring, Sheamus back body drops him hard into the apron and the ringpost!

Back in the ring Sheamus grabs the cloverleaf and Cesaro has no choice but to tap.

Replays of that brutal apron spot and commentary puts over how it may affect Cesaro going forward.

Cole puts over Mr. Fuji and they run the usual excellent WWE video package on the dearly departed before we go to break.

Back from commercial and it's time for another Universal Championship video package, this one on Kevin Owens.

Byron in the ring with a masked man named Americo, who cannot answer how his match will be any different than Braun's other matches.

Americo vs. Braun Strowman

Americo tries to run away but Braun catches him in the corner and lays knees in. Oklahoma Stampede and a Canadian backbreaker slam follow.

Braun sends Americo off the ropes into a snap inverted chokeslam and gets the pin.

Braun takes Americo's mask! What a dick!

Stephanie McMahon on her way through the backstage area and Paul Heyman is promised next and we're off to break.

Back from commercial with another video package putting the imminent arrival of the cruiserweight division over, featuring Tommaso Ciampa, Cedric Alexander and Johnny Gargano.

Steph out, interrupted momentarily with a recap of SummerSlam. She welcomes the crowd to a historic edition of Monday Night Raw despite the show being two-thirds over and puts over the Universal Championship match. But first we need to address Brock's actions. He crossed the line by putting hands on an official and F-5ing Shane and she says nobody messes with her family only to get cut off by Paul Heyman doing his schtick.

He asks Steph to indulge him but she says he's here to indulge her and tells him to get in the ring and apologize. He calls her madam and she asks him not to as the crowd erupts in ECW chants, whereupon she reminds them that she bought ECW years ago. CM Punk chants do not get a response, however. Paul says that Lesnar beating Orton was a victory for Raw over Smackdown, but he gets it, Brock did cross a line. There's no excuse, he says, he begged Brock to stop, and he's here hat in hand to pay Brock's $500 fine.

He then pulls out a giant wad of cash and starts counting off one-by-one. Boy I bet there are some ECW alumni that are hot seeing Paul literally throw money to the mat. Steph slaps the wad out of his hands and asks Heyman what value he brings to the table and asks what his children will do when their dad is unemployed before saying that there are no depths to which she would not go to avenge Shane and says Paul will not survive the impending storm.

But Brock Lesnar is the storm, and Paul is here to deliver an apology. He knows the compromising position Brock put Steph in with the Board of Directors, and that one day, despite Shane's intentions, Steph will one day control that Board of Directors. He knows the compromising position that Brock puts Steph in with Vince, and the female empowerment movement, which gives Steph an opportunity to get in his face. He knows Steph is the only one who's taking charge and he hopes Steph takes the money as payment for a fine, as a lesson learned, and a sincere apology. She accepts his apology and Paul E is the smuggest human being in the world.

Commentary recaps Finn Balor's injury at SummerSlam and his surgery following.

Oh lord, Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, and Bob Backlund doing the backstage walk sends us to commercial.

Back from break and we get Roman's video package for the Universal Championship match tonight.

Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neil

Darren hot out the gate, clubbering Titus, who bails and calls a time-out. Back in the ring, Titus charges in but Darren cuts him off with strikes. Criss-cross leads to a flying forearm and a swinging neckbreaker. Chop in the corner and Darren's still in charge until Titus hammer whips him so hard that he spills over the top to the outside and breaks a photographer's camera in the process. Titus asks the photographer to take a picture as he beats on Darren a bit before sending him back in the ring.

Big body slam and Darren's hurting. Titus tells Bob Backlund that Darren owes him before grabbing kind of a stepover neck crank, just wrenching poor Darren's head as Mr. Backlund makes what sound like crow noises. Darren fights out, boot, forearms, but Titus drops him with a knee and hits the ripcord pumphandle slam. Back into the neck crank and Titus is still talking about being owed. Darren out but Titus stomps him down. Short-arm clothesline picking Darren off the mat just to drop him down for a nearfall.

Darren Young ekes out the win with a crucifix.

Backlund and Young celebrate shortly before Titus attacks, dropping Mr. Backlund with an awkward kick and laying Darren out with Clash of the Titus. Titus bails, saying Darren owes him two now and asking how he likes him now.

Mick Foley backstage apologizing for not being out there with Stephanie earlier. Steph tells him it's okay and Mick suggests banning all friends, family and associates from ringside for the Universal Championship match, which she agrees to. Seth comes out to say that of all the great nights he and Steph have had, this will be the greatest. Steph says she and Mick believe in him and tonight is his night. Seth says he won't let them down and gives Steph a hug. No love for Mick, man?

Universal Championship match is up next!

Big Cass vs. Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins (WWE Universal Championship Elimination Match)

Enzo does the thing when it's Cass's turn to come out. Cass on the mic, says tonight he shocks the world by becoming the new Universal Champion and proving that the three other guys are sawft.

Off to break one more time before the match actually starts, though.

Back from commercial and referee Chad Patton calls for the bell. KO immediately bails and Cass and Roman take turns hitting Seth before Cass clotheslines him to the outside. Cass and Roman face off but Seth and Owens take them out before they can fight. Cass turns the tide on Seth but KO stays in charge of Roman a little while longer only to bail to the outside again. Cass and Seth on the outside and Seth starts to get an advantage. Owens in clear charge of Reigns on the outside as Rollins and Cass go back in. Punches in the corner, Rollins looking for a suplex but Cass reverses for one of his own!

Cass punishing Seth in the corner as Roman gets KO back in the ring and stomps a mudhole. Seth gets Cass in the corner and punches him some but Cass whips him off. Boot to the face but Cass keeps it together and slaps Seth out of the corner and to the outside. Finally Cass and Roman square off to thunderous "How you doin'?" chants. Strikes traded, Cass wins the exchange but Roman grabs a headlock, shoots him off, and takes Cass down with a lariat. Superman Punch blocked, Cass with a Cactus Boot that sends both men to the outside!

Seth with a suicide dive on Cass, KO runs in for a fireman's hot shot on the barricade. He and Cass begin to fight but Roman comes in with a huge dive of his own and we're off to commercial!

Back from break and Owens is working Cass over on the outside before hitting an elbow drop off the apron. KO jaws with Foley and Seth runs over, throwing Cass back in the ring for a chinlock. Owens breaks it up and brings Cass in for a short-arm lariat, knocking Roman off the apron before landing a senton on Cass. Cass in the corner and Owens drags him up and punches him in the head but Cass fires back. Owens catches a boot and swings it over the ropes and kicks Cass' leg out of his leg!

Set up for the cannonball but Seth drags Owens out of the ring and tosses him into the barricade. Reverse STO into the turnbuckle and a Stinger Splash on the seven foot tall man but Roman cuts him off before a second. Big jumping lariat, Owens in and eats one himself but Cass drops Roman with a big boot! Shoulder blocks fend off Rollins and Owens before he whips Seth into KO and Stinger Splashes both of them. Sends Owens to the apron and boots him off but Seth grabs a schoolboy for two. Powerslam from Cass into the Empire Elbow, looking for a slam but Roman comes in with a Superman Punch! Seth sends Roman into the turnbuckle and lands a superkick on Cass for two!

Kevin Owens eliminates Big Cass with a frog splash. And we're off to commercial.

Back from break and Seth and KO are up top, so of course Roman runs over for the powerbomb to complete the Tower of Doom. Big Dog can't get a pinfall on either man, though. Corner lariats on Seth and he ducks the tenth only to eat a big boot. Superman Punch but Rollins ducks and looks for an O'Connor Roll, Roman blocks, Seth sends him out and looks for a suicide dive but Roman cuts him off! Another Superman Punch attempt but Seth ducks under and fires off a Falcon Arrow!

Seth taunting, waiting for Roman to get up, boot to the gut, looking for a Pedigree but Roman fights out! Seth to the apron, looking for the springboard knee but Roman counters with a Superman Punch! Roman looking for the spear but Seth cuts him off with a knee and an enzuigiri only for KO to come back in with a superkick! Cannonballs to both Shieldmen but Owens eats a Superman Punch for two! Standing ovation from Stephanie McMahon. Looking for a spear on Owens, he ducks, pop-up powerbomb attempt but Roman counters with a Superman Punch! Rollins in, Roman back with the one-arm powerbomb for a nearfall!

Roman to the outside for the Drive-By on Seth, who spills to the outside himself. Superman Punch to Owens, also on the outside, and a spear to Rollins!

HHH IS HERE?! Pedigree to Roman! He throws Roman back in the ring and wakes Seth up!

Seth makes the cover and eliminates Roman Reigns.

HHH over to Owens, still out on the floor, and sends him back in to Seth. He takes his jacket off and picks Owens up but TURNS ON ROLLINS! PEDIGREE ON ROLLINS! OWENS IS THE CHOSEN ONE!


HHH gets the belt from Mick Foley and personally hands it to KO before raising his hand! HHH heads to the back as Owens celebrates in the ring, walking past Mick and Steph, who are utterly shocked.

Recaps of Mr. Hs interference follow while KO continues to celebrate over a fallen Seth Rollins. "You deserve it!" chants ring out and we fade to black.

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