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Finn Balor: 'I knew when the accident happened it was a serious injury'

Finn Balor talks about the shoulder injury he suffered during his match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam that forced him to vacate the Universal championship and will require surgery and a six month recovery period.

"I guess the last 24 hours was a bit of a whirlwind. My time is up. About this time yesterday I was literally sitting in this seat... the contrast in the buzz that was in this room yesterday and the kind of feeling of peace and calmness, despite the injury, is quite astonishing.

"Didn't really go to sleep last night. Obviously SummerSlam was last night. I knew when the accident happened that it was a serious injury. I felt my should dislocate. Instinctively, I pulled, it reset, we finished the match. It might have came out one more time, I'm not entirely sure. Obviously I reset it.

"I didn't really sleep last night. I was still awake in my room at 4:45 a.m. I know that for a fact. My wake up call was 5:55 a.m. to go to 'Good Morning America.' If I can kind of man up and get through 'Good Morning America,' it might be a sign for me that maybe I can continue, maybe the shoulder isn't too bad, maybe I can (do) two or three weeks with a little bit of rehab and I'll be fine. But while I was at 'Good Morning America' feeling sorry for myself I bumped into a gentlemen in the hallway that had no arm, and that really put everything in perspective because at that point I was thinking like four-to-six weeks best case, six-to-seven worst case, and in six-to-seven I'll have my arm back -- this gentlemen won't. That instantly made me kind of take stock of the situation and realize it's just an injury; I will get better, I will bounce back, and I'll just take a little time.

"Went to the hospital with Dr. Robinson at WWE. Had an X-ray, the X-ray's came back pretty okay. Had an MRI where they injected dye into my ... shoulder and it showed a complex labrum tear, at which point I said 'oh no.' That's kind of when the writing was on the wall that I knew that I wouldn't be working tonight, Monday. It's currently halfway through Monday Night Raw now, or about an hour after my segment.

"So I came to Monday Night Raw, spoke with Mick (Foley), spoke with Stephanie (McMahon), and relinquished the title in the ring at about 8:10 p.m. Walked to the ring, I was... it was very weird because it was a good feeling to carry the title. Deep down, I was joyful to be carrying the title to the ring. I could see the smiles on people's faces in the crowd and I could see my parents there. I kind of got a little bit emotional on the ramp. I don't know how the entrance looked but obviously I couldn't do any of the arm motions but all the fans did it. Maybe it made it a little bit more unique than what people have become accustomed to seeing.

"Stephanie handed me a microphone. I said what I needed to say. I got a pleasant reaction from the fans. Came back through the curtain at Gorilla and that's really when it set in; that's kind of when the fairy tale ended and it became reality then. Okay, now you're injured; you're not the champ; you're hurt; you've got a 6 a.m. flight to Alabama; you've got surgery tomorrow; and you're going to be on the bench for six months."

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