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Seriously, who hit Kevin Owens in the face with a pie?

WWE is STILL milking the food fight they did on the July 4 episode of Monday Night Raw and while one could argue the angle jumped the shark with the Corey Graves breakdown video, the interview Kevin Owens does with Renee Young in the above video makes it funny all over again.

"I got a face full of pie -- and not even good pie, cheap pie -- and then the person was gone. So I don't know who it is. But I guess I'm going to have to investigate because clearly you are not very good at it, just like you're not good at picking out dogs because your dog is ugly and terrible. Wow. Okay. Stop the sass. Wait until I'm gone off the set. You're supposed to be unbiased, that's what a reporter does. Now I have to walk around with this stupid towel at all times because I'm paranoid about getting hit in the face with a pie. You think that's any way to live?!? I'm going to find out who threw that pie and when I do that person is going to be in big trouble. And if I find out it was you because of what I said about your dog months ago, we... fine, I believe you. Keep your dog away from me."

Bless Kevin Owens.

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