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WWE Battleground 2016 results: Natalya defeats Becky Lynch with the Sharpshooter

Becky Lynch faced off against the most recent woman to betray her, Natalya tonight at Battleground in Washington, DC. After those two teamed up together just last month, now they were going face to face.

Becky started the match off hot fire, causing Natalya to retreat. As Lynch pressed on, Nattie grabbed her leg when she was on the ring apron. That was the only opening that the ring general needed and she quickly went to work on the leg of a weakened Lass Kicker.

Becky tried to fight back a few times to no avail. Finally, it was an enziguri to the Canadian that got her a chance to take control. Lynch tried a couple times to hook in her Disarmer but the crafty Natalya kept fighting out of it and eventually locked in her Sharpshooter submission instead.

Bex made it to the rope and delivered a missile drop kick to the woman who betrayed her but that was not enough to keep the veteran Nattie down. As Becky was pounding Nattie in the corner and the referee tried to back her off, Natalya kicked the bad leg of Becky and locked in the Sharpshooter for the second time. Becky fought and fought to make it to the rope, but Nattie kept dragging her back to the middle of the ring, forcing Lynch to submit.

The Lass Kicker will have to wait for another day to get her revenge.

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