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WWE Battleground 2016: Breezango vs. the Usos full match preview

Battleground Kickoff Match

Breezango vs. the Usos

Two new SmackDown teams Breezango and the Usos meet for the first time this Sunday on the WWE Battleground pre-show. While there isn’t any issue between these two teams, there is plenty of posturing for tag team position on the SmackDown brand. Let’s take a look at the teams.

The Usos

The Usos are the old guard of the tag team division in the WWE. In fact, of all tag teams in the E today, they’re they ones who have been around for the longest continual amount of time. (This is looking at the time up to now. The Dudleys have been in WWE just a bit longer total, but their most recent run has only been a year.)

Debuting in 2010, the Usos have racked up quite the list of accomplishments, including two time tag team championships (their first reign just over 200 days) and two time Slammy Award Tag Team of the Year.

Despite those accolades, the division has seemed to pass the by. Teams like the current champs the New Day, the Club, and Enzo Amore and Big Cass are all hotter commodities. In fact, the Usos weren’t even drafted until SmackDown took them early in the supplemental draft. In a thin SmackDown tag division, the Usos hope to reclaim a spot closer to the top.


While Usos are the longest standing tag team in the WWE, Breezango is the shortest, only debuting a couple of months ago. Earlier this year, Tyler Breeze and Fandango were teaming with R-Truth and Goldust respectively. But secretly, Truth and Goldust wanted to team together but had to play hard to get for a better part of a year instead. Goldust and Truth eventually got together becoming the Golden Truth. The best byproduct of that was the creation of the most gorgeous team ever: Breezango.

Now with Breezango on SmackDown and their forever enemies Golden Truth on Raw, these two beautiful men can turn their attention to dominating the SmackDown tag division. With American Alpha yet to debut and teams like the Ascension and the Vaudevillains not currently a threat, the Usos are the team that Breezango has to go through to become the team to beat on the SmackDown brand.

What’s at stake?

This match is solely about making an impression in the new SmackDown tag division and impressing leaders Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. The Usos wants to prove that they’re more than a team that drafted in a supplemental draft. Breezango wants to prove that they’re more than just really pretty faces and impressive dance moves. And if SmackDown ever actually gets tag belts, the winning team can make a claim why they deserve them.

These teams will start posturing for position on the Battleground Kickoff, which airs at 7 EST on the WWE Network,, and the WWE YouTube. And keep it here at for all of your Battleground coverage.

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