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Stephanie McMahon announces new cruiserweight division for WWE Raw

Elsa/Getty Images

On Raw tonight, before Stephanie McMahon announced Mick Foley as Raw GM and Shane announced Daniel Bryan as SmackDown GM, the Raw commissioner announced that due to the success of the Cruiserweight Classic, they are bringing the Cruiserweight Division back and it will be exclusively on Raw.

The cruiserweight division in WWE was last seen in 2007 when it was retired with Hornswoggle as its champion. With the extra hour on Raw compared to SmackDown, adding a cruiserweight division makes sense. Back in the WCW days with three hours Nitros, they would often open with the cruiserweights to get the crowd excited. While Raw may still open with main event promo segments, the cruiserweight division could serve as an added crowd boost during a three hour program. Or it can end up like the forgotten division like it did last time around.

We don't know anything else except for the fact it's coming back. In the upcoming weeks, we'll learn the weight requirements to be in the division, who will be part of it (and whether they'll bring in new talent to fill it up), and how they'll crown their new champion.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Are you excited? Who would you like to see competing in the new WWE cruiserweight division?

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