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Lucha Dragons go their separate ways ahead of the WWE draft

In happier times...
In happier times...

After a championship run on NXT, there were a few times where it looked like Lucha Dragons might be poised to climb to similar heights on the main roster. Kalisto & Sin Cara (Hunico-version) were staples of the tag title scene on the main roster throughout 2015 - at least as part of multi-team matches such as the ones they featured in at Elimination Chamber, SummerSlam and TLC.

With the brand split draft coming tomorrow, and the recently released rules stating tag teams will be selected as units unless the Commissioner/General Manager specifies otherwise, the Dragons have decided to make their way as singles competitors.

They announced as much on Facebook a short time ago:

Singles action served Kalisto well through much of 2016. After Sin Cara went down with a shoulder in December, the smaller luchador entered the United States title scene and a feud with Alberto Del Rio that included two United States title reigns. After winning a program over Ryback, he's faded into the background a bit since losing his belt to Rusev.

Both men have appeared on and off as solo competitors and a unit, but with new opportunities coming via the brand split, they've decided to go it on their own.

The video leaves an opening whereby they could team up again if selected for the same show, but it seems unlikely WWE would go through with this video if that was the plan.

Gracias por los recuerdos. Who's excited for either or both of their futures as singles guys?

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