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Naomi teases a new look for her comeback... just when Sasha Banks needs a tag partner

Trinity Fatu on Twitter

In our ongoing efforts to stem off disappointment for Sasha Banks' tag partner at Battleground - in the not implausible case it's like when folks were hoping Miz's surprise opponent on the June 27 Raw was Finn Balor and it turned out to be Kane - we present these Tweets from this past weekend from her old Team B.A.D. mate Naomi...

Naomi is on the list of draft eligible Superstars WWE published yesterday. The need for more talent for the brand split, and her impending return to Total Divas this fall, means she's likely to be on our screens Monday or Tuesday nights again soon.

Will that start this week in preparation for a pay-per-view (PPV) match alongside The Boss?

And what do you make of her glow stick look?

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