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What in the world is Enzo Amore talking about?

Enzo Amore was asked what he thinks about the state of WWE going into the upcoming draft and this is what came out of his word hole:

"If you ask me I would say we got issues. Figuratively speaking we have issues of malnourishment in communities that would otherwise be flourishing if it weren't for apartheid spearheaded by political figures who sit at the stratosphere of the political infrastructure who see to it the exponential growth of the corporate infrastructure. Or is that conundrum really just a liaison between factions of hierarchy that have endeavors that go beyond parliamentary procedures? Proposals, referendums, filibusters, and legalities, I mean, hey, if you want to overindulge your eyes in between the lines of the communist manifesto go ahead and be a Marxist. We've all been transients at some point or another and I get excited even talking about it. Figuratively speaking you've got your right and you've got your left and people in positions of power, they come at you from different angles. It could be acute, could be obtuse, rarely ever is it perpendicular. Sure, you've got your Hillary Clinton's and your Donald Trump's, right? You've got your Shane McMahon's, you've got your Stephanie McMahon's. You've got your Thomas Jefferson's and you've got your George Jefferson's. I've sat way up top high in deluxe apartments in the sky and ranted on political jargon but that's not why we're here today. So without any further ado, allow me to quote the performing artist Aubrey Graham, formerly known as Drake, 'please hold on, we're going home.' When I get there, at least have the decency to leave me the porch light on. If you didn't understand what I said we can sit down over a cup of joe and I can break this down for you in layman's terms. How you doing?"


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