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Triple H explains what TakeOver: The End... was the end of (kind of, but not really)

Cathy is having a hard time computing her boss' answer
Triple H on Facebook

After opening his post-TakeOver Facebook Live Q & A with Cathy Kelley by poking fun at fans who interpreted the event's subtitle "The End..." to mean the end of NXT the brand itself, Triple H went on to explain what what the name of the show referred to...

NXT has been just this amazing transition from where it started and when you see that package [the video which opened The End...] and you see Seth Rollins as the first NXT champion, and you see Paige with the NXT Women's championship, and you see where it started and how it started - and then eventually what it became and where we are now, and I really felt like we've transitioned now.

From being this, you know, developmental brand and that being our existence to being a brand in itself. And I truly believe that NXT is its own brand in every single way. So I kind of felt like if the beginning of what we were was that, tonight marked the end of that beginning.

And that's exactly what we said it was, it's the end. We are now full-blown NXT the brand, and that's where we're gonna take it from here.

Everybody clear now?

Jokes about rambling Haitch promos aside, I think this is just another way of presenting the same idea he offered on the pre-TakeOver conference call:

The Performance Center is where they develop future WWE stars for use on NXT, SmackDown and Raw. NXT tours in Florida will be devoted to giving newer talent a taste of performing in front of live audiences, and established NXT acts will participate when they're not needed elsewhere - like on the "full blown" version's road dates in bigger venues.

It still means NXT is a rung below Raw and SmackDown, and will lose stars to those two USA Network-broadcast brands as they need new stars.

Or maybe it was just beginning of what they were that's now ended for a new beginning.

Check out the whole Q & A and decide for yourself.

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