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AJ Styles promises answers to John Cena attack on Raw next week

"Money in the Bank, breaking news, AJ Styles vs. John Cena. Wow. Unbelievable, right? A dream match. It's like WrestleMania has come early. Well, it's a dream match for most people -- it's a dream match for me. As for John Cena, I don't think it's much of a dream match for him. What I did to him Monday is just a dose of what I can do to him. Yeah, a dream match for me. Why? Everybody wants to know 'why, AJ, why?' On Monday Night Raw I'll tell you why. It's that simple. I'm phenomenal, and nothing and no one can stop me, not with The Club by my side."

This brief video tells us much of what we already knew, that AJ Styles isn't exactly the best promo but in a big money feud opposite a major star like John Cena it doesn't exactly matter. The Club's involvement adds a layer of intrigue that may have been missing otherwise but it's worth wondering how much of a difference they'll make, if any, after the Roman Reigns program. Then again, the WWE world heavyweight champion had The Usos helping fight his battles. Who does Cena have?

Stay tuned.

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