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Sasha Banks wants to win the WWE women's title, get drafted to SmackDown

Where has she been?

"That's the number one question on everybody's mind, that's the number one thing everyone's been talking about on social media -- but listen, don't worry about where I've been. I strike when the iron's hot, and I'm coming for that WWE women's championship."

Does she have a preference for Raw or SmackDown:

"I do. I mean, my favorite growing up was SmackDown because my favorite of all time, Eddie Guerrero, was on it. He was my inspiration and you can see that in my work. He was the reason that I wanted to be a WWE superstar and now I'm here sitting next to you, talking to you. I would not be here if it wasn't for him."

So, win the women's title and get drafted to SmackDown. Here's to hoping!

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