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Rob Gronkowski's post NFL plans probably won't include a pro wrestling career but he's down for a WWE cameo

When asked if a pro wrestling career could be in the plans once he's done with the NFL:

"I don't know. I feel like it would be perfect. My body already takes a beating, I know those wrestlers take a beating, so I might want to take off my body a little bit. But my friend is in wrestling and if they ever want to do a cameo with me and him where I can bodyslam him, I got no problem doing that."

The friend he's referring to is NXT's Mojo Rawley, who he's been seen with multiple times at WWE shows (among other places). This makes it sound like WWE could get him for an angle now, however, and why wouldn't they want that crossover appeal? Then again, they thought Guardians of the Galaxy wouldn't be a hit and laughed in Batista's face about it.

Gronk might be a little too hype for WWE anyway.

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