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This video of John Cena surprising fans will make you smile (even if at least one is an actor)

While it never reached the peak of the "RKO Out of Nowhere" phenomena, the "Unexpected John Cena" meme has lived a pretty steady internet life.

With new WWE sponsor Cricket Wireless’ help, the Face That Runs The Place himself decided to make a living, breathing version of the gag - complete with mariachi trumpeters!

There are some questions concerning the authenticity of the fans being surprised by Cena, mostly because independent wrestling watchers have noticed that former Chikara and Kaiju Big Battel host Gavin Loudspeaker/Louden Noxious is prominently featured. But, in addition to being an actor, he is a wrestling fan, so even though we recognize him, his reaction to meeting "the champ" could be legit.

Whether they’re getting paid or not, the kids make the whole thing worthwhile - especially the dopest promo from a pre-teen girl since Lyanna Mormont.

Check it out.

100% legit or not, it’ll make you smile and once again furious with John Cena for making it that much harder to hate him.

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