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Daniel Bryan hopes Brian Kendrick wins the WWE Cruiserweight Classic

Earlier today it was revealed that Daniel Bryan would be teaming up with Mauro Ranallo to call the WWE Cruiserweight Classic on the Network. He did an interview with that you can watch above with a transcription below.

How he feels about being involved with the Cruiserweight Classic:

"I think this whole thing is awesome. The whole concept of the Cruiserweight Classic is awesome. You bring in independent guys from all over the world -- I'm excited to see the guy... there's a guy from Chile here. Like, what? There's wrestling in Chile? It's not like his first rodeo, he's been to Japan and all that kind of stuff. We really get a chance to see wrestlers from all over the world who are all the best where they're at come here and compete in front of a WWE audience on the Network. I think that's super cool and a huge opportunity for these guys."

Who he thinks might stand out:

"I think there's a lot of guys who are going to stand out. This is... the cruiserweight style is a style that makes people stand out. I think Kota Ibushi -- when people see him it's going to knock their socks off, you know what I mean? A guy like Zack Sabre Jr. who has a very British technical style; Drew Gulak, a very old school type of style, not what you think of when you think of cruiserweights but so technical and so crisp; and then the guy that I want to win the whole thing because he's my friend and I had my very first match against him is Brian Kendrick. We came up together. I've wrestled him or been in tag matches with him in hundreds of matches. It's really cool to see these guys getting this kind of chance."

Who else he has his eye on:

"I'm just interested in pretty much all of them. I like wrestling on the fringes. The fringes is where the exciting stuff happens. In jiu-jitsu, there's somebody right now in their basement working on an omoplata. He may never be world champion but he'll master the omoplata and then he'll show up at a gym where a world class guy is and the world class guy will learn something from the guy who's training in his basement. The world of wrestling, the stuff you see now, the crazy stuff you see on WWE TV, that guys like Seth Rollins are doing or things like Cesaro are doing, a lot of that stuff they've come up with themselves but a lot of it was come up with on the fringes. That's where the exciting stuff happens, where you have like two different worlds colliding. We're going to see a lot of that here. You've got lucha guys wrestling British guys, you've got guys from Vancouver who have done a little bit of stuff wrestling and guys who have wrestled in front of the Tokyo Dome in front of 35-40,000 people. You don't know how people are going to react in those situations. I think it's going to be a lot of fun."

What WWE fans should expect from the Cruiserweight Classic:

"I think everybody just needs to sit back and enjoy the show. I think what they're going to see is some very fun action packed wrestling. They're going to see things I think for sure that a lot of us have never seen before, myself included. The thousands upon thousands of matches I've seen throughout my life, I'm sure I'm going to see some stuff I've never seen before."

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