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Dean Ambrose: It may have been sweeter to cash in Money in the Bank on Roman Reigns

While we still don't know how WWE will handle Roman Reigns' 30 day suspension for a Wellness Policy violation on its television, they have been going about business as usual elsewhere. That includes the weekly interview with Michael Cole, where WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose sat down to talk about cashing in his Money in the Bank contract to win the title.

On how sweet it was to cash in on Seth Rollins but how it may have been sweeter to cash in on Reigns:

"That was just a little extra added bonus, right? Just a little too sweet, just a little too perfect. You know what I said: what goes around comes around. The thing is, though, and like I said, I told both guys right to their face, it could have been Roman Reigns. I would have cashed in on him too. Actually, thinking about it, as sweet as it was cashing it in on Seth Rollins it may have been a tad sweeter. But a different kind of sweet, like brown sugar and white sugar, you know, just a different kind of sweet to cash in on Roman Reigns."

It sure seems like they're going about it as though nothing happened at all.

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