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The Dudley Boyz hoping stay together after the WWE brand split

The last time WWE did a brand split, The Dudley Boyz were split up but they never really found their way as singles wrestlers and it wasn't long before they were put back together. Now, all these years later, another brand split is coming and this time they're hoping to skip the part where they have to split up at all.

Bubba: "We were involved in the first draft in 2002. One of the most shocking parts of that draft is when I got drafted to Raw and Devon got drafted to SmackDown. That could very well happen again. You might see The Dudley Boyz on Raw or SmackDown or you might see one of us on each show. We don't know what's going on. We're as much in the dark as every other WWE superstar. But I do know this and I think my brother will agree: Fans in the WWE Universe, whether they love The Dudleyz or whether they hate The Dudleyz, they want to see the Dudleyz stick together."

D-Von: "We've done it before, we'll do it again. Whether we're together or we're not together. We are going to testify and continue to do that. Tesitfy."

That they walked off headed in opposite directions probably doesn't mean anything, right?

We'll find out on July 19.

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