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WWE Raw results, live blog (June 20, 2016): Money in the Bank fallout

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 20, 2016) from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, featuring the fallout show from the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Paradise, Nevada.

Advertised for tonight: The Dean Ambrose Era begins!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Chris here. How can WWE follow last night's show? Let's find out!


WWE Signature and we go straight to some footage of Dean Ambrose arriving in a taxi. He pays his fare and then some, but nearly forgets his new bling in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Raw intro and pyro


Speaking of Ambrose, he comes out to start the show to a pretty big pop. True babyface champion.

Ambrose takes a few moments to take in the crowd, including a loud "you deserve it" chant.

Ambrose tells us that last night was a long night in Las Vegas (not including the stuff he doesn't remember). He mentions how he won the Money in the Bank ladder match and cashed in his briefcase on Seth Rollins to become the WWE WHC.

He also says that Rollins was the right guy in the right place at the wrong time. Simply put: what goes around comes around, and that came true for Rollins. Also, hard work DOES pay off, kids.

He also mentions how Seth Rollins was "the man", Roman Reigns was "the guy", so that somewhat makes Ambrose "the dude" or something.

As Ambrose goes on, Roman Reigns comes out to boos.

Ambrose and Reigns have a staredown until Reigns admits that last night wasn't his night; instead, it was Ambrose's night, and Reigns congratulates Ambrose. Reigns follows by asking Ambrose how it felt cashing in on Rollins. Ambrose dodges it a bit, saying that he would have cashed in on Reigns.

At this time, the crowd is quite rowdy toward Reigns, so he tells them to sit down and drink their beers.

Reigns asks Ambrose if he's a fighting champion (after all, he DOES have his rematch).

Seth Rollins comes down now and is livid. He says that Rollins won the title fair and square, but Ambrose stole the moment. He tells Reigns to go to the back of the line since he never lost it. Reigns asks the operative question; if Rollins never lost, how does Ambrose have the title? Rollins responds that Ambrose stole it.

Reigns tells Rollins that he knows how to settle it. Rollins and Reigns argue until Shane McMahon shuffles out.

Shane goes for the cheap pop in Phoenix and congratulates Ambrose on his victories last night. As for Rollins and Reigns, Shane proposes that they should have a match. Rollins says "no", saying that the match happened last night. Rollins tells Shane to consult with Stephanie (who isn't here).

Therefore, we gonna have a big match tonight: Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns for the #1 contendership for the WWE WHC.




Honestly, this was a pretty standard match - you knew they wouldn't give this one away on free TV. After two superkicks, a teased package piledriver, and an attempt at a pop-up powerbomb, Zayn gets a surprising win with a roll-up.

Sami Zayn def Kevin Owens

Afterward, Owens is pissed, so he brawls with Zayn, causing refs to separate the two.


Backstage the war continues as Zayn and Owens keep brawling to the point where Finlay and Road Dogg have to separate Zayn from Owens.

Fight. Forever.


No, your TV is not getting red hot; John Laurinaitis, has blessed us with his presence in a blood red suit. He introduces himself and plugs the WWE Network and new Draft. Shane McMahon mercifully comes out and shoos Laurinaitis away (who claims that he's gonna run SmackDown). Shane says that there will be no Authority member or executive bigwig running SmackDown; it'll be Shane.

Big Johnny runs to the Raw podium and yells "People Power!" before leaving. Shane remains onstage when Enzo and Cass come out. Enzo likes Shane's kicks and they run backward.

Enzo does his schtick and says "John Laryngitis" before doing his dime joke toward Big Johnny. Cass hypes the New Era before calling Big Johnny SAWFT.


Enzo and Cass vs The Vaudevillains

Standard fare. Enzo and Cass win after Air Enzo or whatever they're calling it now.

Enzo and Cass def The Vaudevillains


A very smug AJ Styles comes out to the ring.

AJ takes a second to listen to the chants for him, then he says that he should be happy about winning last night. It was a dream for the longest time that became a reality.

However, the victory was tainted by two guys who are more than brothers to him. Oh what the hell...AJ STYLES BEAT JOHN CENA.

Back to The Club, AJ tells Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to come out to give him a public apology if they are to continue together. The Club obliges and comes out.

AJ tells them that he had Cena right where he wanted them, and it was ruined. Anderson said that they were just helping. AJ responds by saying that their interference just gave Cena an excuse to muddy AJ's name.

AJ tells Anderson and Gallows to look him in the eyes and apologize. Anderson hesitantly apologizes, and so does Gallows.

Is it over? No way. AJ tells The Club that they have to apologize to one more person: John Cena.

Cena comes out, but only stands on the stage.

Cena doesn't need an apology; instead, Cena simply says that AJ broke the contract. Gallows comes to AJ's defense by saying that AJ had no idea that it would happen. Gallows apologizes to Cena, and so does Anderson (who does say that they took advantage of not signing a contract).

Cena tells AJ that he got his win last any means necessary. Cena tells AJ that he should be on to better things, but he's backpedaling with The Club. In short, Cena doesn't think AJ is as good as he is. AJ flips this around and hits Cena with it.

Big difference: Cena respects the win last night (which is the key to success in WWE). Cena, however, does not respect AJ for not holding up his end of the contract.

AJ tells Cena that The Club did him a favor by giving him the excuse that he needed. Now AJ is gonna do Cena a favor: he tells Cena to choose any Club member to fight. As expected, Cena chooses AJ.

But wait, AJ wasn't finished. It is anyone in The Club EXCEPT for AJ. After all, The Club got involved, so they need punished.

Also, AJ has a little podcast to do later.

And a little fact that AJ has already beaten Cena.

AJ presents Cena his choice, and Cena says that the choice doesn't make a difference since one will be in the ring and two will be outside.

AJ says that Cena is wrong. The Club confers before AJ confirms that he's a man of his word. Therefore, we're getting Anderson vs Cena tonight, and Anderson is gonna knock Cena's teeth down his throat.

And Anderson will do it all on his own.

"Hey, good luck, John" - AJ before plugging the podcast


John Cena vs Karl Anderson

This was a squash for a very pissed John Cena. However, there was a wrinkle to this match: he kept looking to the entrance for The Club. After Cena hit the AA on Anderson, The Club attacks for the DQ.

John Cena def Karl Anderson by DQ

After, The Club hits the Magic Killer on Cena, then AJ follows with the Styles Clash.


Jojo interviews Seth Rollins about his upcoming match with Roman Reigns. Rollins talks about last night and beating Roman Reigns in the middle of the ring, proving that Rollins was the best and Reigns never deserved to be champion. Dean Ambrose also proved something last night when he cashed in: Ambrose is a cockroach and a thief.

Rollins accepts it, saying that he will beat Reigns again tonight and will beat Ambrose for the title, proving who the best member of The Shield is.


Renee Young interviews Becky Lynch about Natalya's attack. Becky thinks that she's cursed with everyone betraying her. However, she sees it another way: she's better off if she's the last person with an ounce of integrity in this company. She doesn't know why Natalya attacked her, but Becky is done with the betrayals.

Right on cue, Natalya attacks Becky and says that she's taking care of herself now.


Baron Corbin vs Zack Ryder

You've seen this before. Corbin wins.

Baron Corbin def Zack Ryder


A video package for WWE's new Chinese acquisition.

The Wyatt Family returns tonight...just in case you forgot.

Renee Young interviews Paige about her upcoming title match. Paige tries to answer, but Charlotte and Dana Brooke interrupt (stealing the spotlight, as usual). Charlotte says that she rose while Paige sunk. Paige pats Dana's head before vowing to win (after calling Dana a "thing").


Paige vs Charlotte (WWE Women's Championship)

This happened. The ending was bungled when Dana tried to put Charlotte's foot on the rope following a Ram-Paige. Dana got ejected, Paige ate Natural Selection, and whatever.

Charlotte def Paige

After, Charlotte and Dana beat Paige until BO$$ TIME!!! Sasha Banks struts out, knocks Dana into LaLaLand, and attacks Charlotte with a backstabber. Dana attacks Sasha, but Paige makes the save. Dana and Charlotte retreat as Sasha poses with the title.

Our queen hath returneth.


Jojo interviews Roman Reigns about his upcoming match. Reigns says that he has nothing to prove; he just wants to be the guy to beat Seth Rollins.

"Phoenix......we're here." They're baaaaack!!!


The Wyatt Family comes out to the ring as the crowd chants "welcome back." Bray Wyatt asks if everyone missed him.

At this point, my satellite feed has cut out. Please stand by...

It comes back and The New Day enters. They tell Wyatt that he's talked too much and needs to cut it.

The New Day takes a knee and confesses that Erick Rowan has a "big ol' booty." Kofi Kingston says that everyone has a good time when The New Day comes out. The Wyatts bring negativity, and they need to embrace the Power of Positivity.

As New Day goes on, Bray starts laughing and tells The New Day that they've interrupted him. Bray has seen their futures...

"New...Day Falls"

Bray tells New Day to run.


More of Bob Backlund making Darren Young great again. It's the same advice from SmackDown about not taking advice.


Rusev vs Titus O'Neil

Before the match, Lana tells us to welcome Rusev as usual.

Also, before the match, Renee Young interviews Titus O'Neil about the upcoming match. Titus wants revenge for Rusev disrespecting him and his children.

Yeah these two are just trying to murder each other. No real match here.


A video of Miz and Maryse from the set of The Marine 5 promoting a big happy family....then subsequently unloading on someone for bringing him not-quail.

Backstage, Chris Jericho wants to talk to Shane McMahon. Jericho thinks that he should be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion....which Shane disproves. Jericho tells Shane that he is allowing a barbarian to be champion.....and calls Shane a stupid idiot. Jericho hopes that he is drafted to the show that Shane isn't running.

Slight problem: Shane is gonna run both shows.


Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns (#1 Contender's Match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Dean Ambrose is on commentary for this. JBL is displeased.

This was a pretty good match that picked up as it went along. Toward the end, things started to get more and more brutal with an eventual spot where Reigns speared Rollins over the Spanish announce table. Neither man could answer the ten count and both were counted out.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns fight to a double count-out

Shane McMahon comes out to restart the match, but Ambrose refuses. He wants to fight them both. Shane grants our wish.

The Shield triple threat is happening at Battleground.

To celebrate, Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Reigns and Rollins.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is happening. Buckle up!!

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