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WWE Money in the Bank 2016 results: Seth Rollins beats Roman Reigns to become WWE champ

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We've been waiting a long time for this one.

Both the previous attempts to put Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins across from each other in the squared circle were derailed by injury. At Money in the Bank in Las Vegas, it finally happened at the end of a long night.

WWE seemed to stall for time, dragging Rusev and Titus O'Neil's US title match out until - coincidentally, I'm sure - LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers finished their miracle comeback to win the NBA Finals.

The Las Vegas crowd was still pumped, and still loudly pro-Rollins. It didn't appear to phase the champ, as Roman sneered at the audience and his opponent while proudly holding up his belt.

After the initial lock-up, the two former brothers traded shots. Eventually, seemingly fed by "You can't wrestle" and "Roman Sucks" chants, Reigns lead out Rollins with a leaping clothesline and proceeded to lay into Rollins with strikes. Even brief comebacks from Seth only brought out more viciousness from the champ.

The man who never lost the championship got a little momentum when he threw his former tag partner shoulder first into the steel steps, but that only lead into a huge Razor's Edge-into-Sitout-Powerbomb spot that Rollins amazingly kicked out of at two. The Big Dog cocked his fist and went for a Superman's Punch, but Seth dodged and dropped him face first on the turnbuckle - and that finally turned the tide. A big enziguri and dive to the outside put down The Guy, but it also left The Man sucking wind, as well.

An exciting series set up another nearfall, when Reigns powered out of a Pedigree and finally connected with the Superman punch. but it wasn't enough to finish the Architect. A series of knees sent Roman to the ground, and Seth connecting with a big Frog Splash. The arch was so high, Rollins bounced off his opponent, and those fleeting seconds may have been all the champ needed to avoid being pinned.

A battle in the corner ended with Seth carrying Reigns across the ring for a Buckle Bomb. But following that up with a Superkick still wouldn't put the Big Dog down. Now it was Rollins turn to deliver a series of devastating forearms, and Roman looked out on his feet. But he blocked a shot and fought off a couple set-ups from the top turnbuckle. He couldn't fight off a third, however, and a Superplex and a Falcon's Arrow made it seem like we would have a new titleholder.

One, two... NO!

Unable to lock in a Pedigree, Seth found himself on the receiving end of another Sitout Powerbomb, this time with the arm in. After another kickout, too exhausted to stand, they went blow-for-blow from their knees. Rollins got enough energy for another Buckle Bomb, but Roman no-sold it (or "used his momentum", according to Michael Cole) and hit a Superman Punch.

Still, we weren't done.

Rollins rolled out and baited the champ into charging him at the barricade, sending Reigns crashing into the timekeeper's area. Officials called for a trainer, and Roman tried to wave them off. Seth attacked anyway, but a Pedigree attempt got forced into our second ref bump of the evening. The Big Dog hit a Spear, but Mike Chioda took too long to start the count, so the challenger kicked out.

A second Spear was turned into a Pedigree, then another one.

Seth Rollins had done it!

But the night wasn't over.

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