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WWE Money in the Bank 2016 results: AJ Styles beats John Cena, with help from The Club

One of the featured matches at tonight's (Sun., June 19, 2016) WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada, featured John Cena in his first match in a number of months taking on AJ Styles in what the company was billing as a dream match. WrestleMania main event worthy, even!

In the week leading up to the match, they made the story about whether or not Styles would use The Club (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) to assist him in his attempt to show Cena he's the better man.

The atmosphere was electric, the crowd hot for an epic clash of two titans of wrestling. Almost immediately, dueling chants could be heard, played into by the participants who worked the story that AJ is a better wrestler and he was going to work circles around The Face That Runs The Place. The announcing team played that up too, that Cena couldn't seem to find a way to get AJ off his game in the early going and the former TNA and New Japan star had Cena's number.

At one point, Styles followed up a suplex by asking the audience "is this all he's got?"

It wasn't long, of course, before Cena showed he absolutely can hang and they went back and forth with big spots and near falls to give it that true epic fight feel. That includes Styles kicking out of an AA that looked like the finish before Cena kicked out of a Styles Clash where Cena's head actually hit the mat. They went into a bunch of great counters, like an AA into a Pele kick.

The finish saw Cena struggle with Styles on another AA and AJ kick the referee out of the ring. That's when The Club ran in and put Cena down with the Magic Killer. The referee got back in the ring after Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson put Styles on top of Cena and counted to three.

AJ cheated, but he won.

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