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WWE Money in the Bank 2016 results: Apollo Crews steals a win from Sheamus

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It was the New Era vs. the Celtic Warrior, and their biggest win may have come when they were promoted onto the main card late last  week.

The biggest match of Apollo Crews' career found him in the ring with multi-time WWE champions Sheamus, and it looked like listing that on his résumé might be all he got out of Money in the Bank. The big Irishman dominated the first half of the match, but the recent NXT call-up didn't give up - especially with his opponent being too cocky to put the youngster away.

Using his quickness to get back in the contest, Crews sent Sheamus to the outside with a big throw, and capitalized on that with a moonsault. But Sheamus wasn't done, and it looked like all Apollo's moxie wouldn't help him when he took a White Noise off the second rope.

Last year's Money in the Bank ladder match winner was a bit lacksidaisical with his pin, however, and then argued with the referee when he only got two. Crews rolled him up and stole the win, which left Sheamus furious - and Apollo with the biggest win of his career.

Look for this one to be revisited. We probably have the feud which replaces Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler, Cagesiders.