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WWE Money in the Bank 2016: Becky Lynch & Natalya vs. Charlotte & Dana Brooke full match preview

Tag-team match

WWE is under impression they only have five women on the main roster, and since three of them have had a singles shot against Women’s champ Charlotte recently, it’s time to set the belt aside for a show and get as many ladies as possible into one (likely 5 - 10 minute) match.

The Road to Money in the Bank

Regardless of what the company has called the division, Charlotte’s been atop it for quite some time. Because she’s been a heel for much of that time, she’s often cut corners to keep the belt - and for a long time, she used her father, the Dirtiest Player in the Game, Ric Flair, to do her dirty work.

That lead to some controversy, both in-story and out. On screen, WWE finally addressed it by banning the Nature Boy from ringside for his daughter’s Extreme Rules submission match against Natalya. This (along with an injury to Emma, her partner going back to NXT) introduced Dana Brooke into the angle.

A distraction from Brooke allowed Charlotte to retain at that last pay-per-view (PPV), and gave the champ an opening to kick her old man to the curb.

Having different back-up didn’t do anything to silence Natty’s concerns about the Nature Girl relying on others, or her desire to win the Women’s title. But Dana’s continued interference - along with her rivalry with Becky Lynch, spilling over from when Emma was still around, and with the Lasskicker suddenly concerned for Naitch’s feelings despite how many times he made sure she didn’t take his daughter’s belt - was only going to lead to one thing.

For another wrinkle, Brooke’s attempts to help the champ have lead to a spate of losses for the top woman in the ring recently. WWE looks to be planting the seeds for possible dissent in the villains’ ranks - or perhaps even a turn or two.

There have also been rumors of a surprise return or debut. It seems all possibilities except a strong, decisive win for the Women’s titleholder are in play.

What's at stake?

After what seemed like it could have been another sea change moment for the ladies of WWE following WrestleMania 32, we’re back to... maybe not square one, but close to it. There’s really not much these four women can do about it right now except go out and use whatever time they’re given to tear it up and make an impression.

The heels likely have more on the line. Dana has shown a lot of promise throughout her development in WWE, but remains fairly green and reliant on a more experienced partner. Charlotte’s issues usually are on the microphone, but she’s also capable of lackluster matches, and is in the midst of what might be a historic title reign, but certainly isn’t a dominant or even memorable one.

If they can keep up with Becky & Natty, regardless of the decision, it would do a lot for their standing in the eyes of many observers - both in the stands and in the back.

But if they only get a few minutes, and it leads to more bickering between performers who still act like "Divas" regardless of how WWE has branded them...

Try to keep an open mind with us tomorrow, starting at 8PM Eastern on WWE Network - and right here at cSs!

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