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WWE Money in the Bank 2016: Kickoff show match previews

Tag Team matches

Some last minute juggling sent the recent NXT call-ups to the main card, and turned the pre-show into a tag team extravaganza!

The Road to Money in the Bank

One of these matches actually was built to with one of WWE’s longest running angles (actually, if you don’t count things that are the basis for entire characters like The Shield, Golden Truth may be the most prolonged story we’ve got). The creation of a tag team between Goldust & R-Truth has taken six months, and involved Dr. Phil and a rom-com montage.

So, of course, the impetus for their first match on a pay-per-view (PPV) is a tanning bed gag.

Tyler Breeze & Fandango - now known as Breezango - were cast as potential tag partners for Truth and Goldy earlier in this saga, but of course the wacky veterans were destined to be babyfaces, so the cocky youngsters were destined to be heels.

They’ve battled in a few different configurations over the past week, but the Golden Truth turn up the intensity on their tandem tanning session left the model and the dancer as red as lobsters, so... PRE-SHOW MATCH?

How will Breezango wrestle with sunburn? It’s probably best not to overthink things.

Conversely, our other revealed-at-the-last-minute opening act has no build whatsoever. Lucha Dragons and the Dudleyz are both tag teams. They’ve been painted as possible tag title contenders at one point or another. Why shouldn’t they have a match?

It’s either refreshing in its simplicity, or something you’d expect to find on Main Event.

What's at stake?

These are exactly the kind of instances where 40-something guys in the twilight of their in-ring careers should be doing the job for younger guys. Especially with the brand split coming, having Breezango and Lucha Dragon with wins over established names on a major show could cement them as respectable mid-carders.

But, this is WWE, so... who the hell knows?

Tune in tomorrow at 7PM Eastern and find out what happens when tag teams attack!

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