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WWE SmackDown Recap & Reactions (June 16, 2016): For the Love of Money (In the Bank)

This week's episode of SmackDown aired on the USA Network on June 16, 2016, originating from Biloxi, Mississippi. This is the "go-home" show to the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) this Sunday, June 19, 2016. For full results and the live blog, click here.


There Can Only Be One

The High Lite Reel hosted by Chris Jericho is back and started the show tonight. Which brings up a question immediately with me. If both Dean and Chris now have a talking segment on TV, then their entire beef was pointless. As if that was not bad enough, Dean Ambrose was Jericho's first guest. And Dean immediately antagonized Jericho by threatening to ruin the expensive carpet. So Jericho took away the Jeritron as punishment to Ambrose and the fans.

Jericho brought up Ambrose destroying his Christmas jacket and the sixty nine thumb tacks Jericho suffered in the Ambrose Asylum match. He also said that Ambrose has a hole in his soul because Ambrose has never been World Heavyweight Champion. Jericho said that he is going to win the briefcase, which brought out Kevin Owens. The prizefighter came out and declared that he was going to win MITB and . . .

You know where this is going, folks. The rest of the MITB match participants came out for the segment, proclaiming that they will be the one to climb the ladder and win the Money in the Bank contract. During all of this, six man tag match was set up for the main event: Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro on one team and Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, and Alberto Del Rio on the other. Tension between Cesaro and Zayn was shown during this segment, which could be foreshadowing something between the two.

The segment broke down when Ambrose poured his coffee onto Jericho's carpet and he freaked out. A big brawl broke out between all six men to end the segment.

The main event starts with a brawl between all six men. Cesaro and Del Rio start the match in the ring. Cesaro got the advantage early with his running uppercuts. He hit a rolling canonball to KO and then more uppercuts to both Jericho and Del Rio. Cesaro gets a near fall with a flying crossbody. Cesaro also got to swing all three members of the opposing team.

Jericho tapped to a Sharpshooter but he was not the legal man. Del Rio hit a superkick to Cesaro while in the submission and he got a near fall from that. Cesaro did find himself on the wrong side of a beat down from the heel team but he got the tag in to Sami Zayn, who came in on fire in the match against Jericho. He was on a roll before KO cheat shooted Zayn going into the ropes, giving the control of the match to Jericho.

Zayn fought out of the corner and hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Y2J. He got the tag to Ambrose as Del Rio came in for his team. Ambrose came in as the hot tag got the advantage in his usual frantic style. Del Rio countered a flying elbow with a kick to the gut and hit a backstabber for a near fall on Ambrose.

As the match began to break down, Cesaro accidentally hit Ambrose with an uppercut. Zayn took out Cesaro with a suicide dive, giving the heel team the clear advantage. KO was tagged in. He superkicked both of his partners but, unfortunately for him, this gave Ambrose enough time to recover and hit a Dirty Deeds for the victory for his team. The show ended with Ambrose standing tall over everyone else.

Since this is a go home show, here's some SmackDown Fallout. You deserve it!


AJ Styles versus Xavier Woods: The Warm Up

The Phenomenal One AJ Styles was giving an interview backstage about his match against John Cena this Sunday when the New Day crashed the proceedings. Styles challenged Xavier Woods to a one on one match after New Day made fun of Styles' haircut, saying that Xavier always talks the most. Although his teammates objected, Woods accepted the challenge. The Club and other members of New Day were not ringside for the match.

Styles started the match, which he referred to as a "warm up match" for Cena, with Xavier in a wrist lock, shouting, "Everything I do is better than everyone". Xavier used his speed to elude Styles and got the advantage for a minute before Styles went after Woods' knee. Styles had to be held back and admonished by the referee for how vicious he was against Woods at one point. Styles' viciousness and cockiness during the match were on point, even telling the referee to check his mouth after Xavier had hit him.

Woods was able to escape from Styles temporarily but a back breaker stomped out a potential comeback. Woods was able to change the tide and mount a comeback, knocking Styles out of the ring and hitting a suicide dive for extra measure. Woods got a near fall after a Macho Man-esque flying elbow. He set Styles up on the top rope but Styles countered, landing on the apron while Woods was dumped back into the ring.

Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Woods, which would have won the match. Styles was not satisfied. After saying it was for Cena, Styles applied the Calf Crusher to Woods and won by submission. After the match, he threw Woods out of the ring and said that what he did to Woods was only a fraction of what he would do to Cena.

Cena's time is up.

Styles' time is now.

We shall see at Money in the Bank.


Other Matches/Segments

Kofi Kingston versus Luke Gallows versus Big Cass versus Aiden English: Xavier Woods and Enzo Amore were on commentary. This was an entertaining match that saw Gallows and English work together for a lot of the match to take out Kofi and Big Cass. The seven footer got his moment to shine when he cleared the ring. Gallows and Cass slugging it outside the ring was fun. In the end, Kofi won the match with a Trouble in Paradise, pinning English. After the match, New Day celebrated in the ring.

Natalya and Becky Lynch interview: Lynch called herself and Nattie Mulder and Scully from the X-Files. The Women's Champion, Charlotte, and Dana Brooke interrupted the interview. After having words, the ladies almost came to blows but cooler heads prevailed for the time being.

Zack Ryder versus Baron Corbin: The Lone Wolf's opponent for MITB, Dolph Ziggler, was on commentary, as he was last week. This was a solid squash match that saw Corbin win after the End of Days. After the match, there was a stare down and some words between Ziggler and Corbin but the latter eventually walked off smiling, with the former yelling about winning on Sunday. Their match is on the kickoff again, by the way.

Rusev versus Kalisto: Rusev catches Kalisto jumping into the ring for his entrance and attacks him. Sin Cara runs out to get him some and Rusev beats him down as well. This brings out Titus O'Neil. Rusev tried to leave the scene but Titus beat him down by the barricade. Rusev is able to escape before too much damage is down and Titus stands tall to end the segment. So the match never got started.

Make Darren Young Great Again: Bob is officially fed up with Darren's crap. He does not give advice. He gives orders.

Charlotte versus Natalya: Nattie started the match in control but Charlotte took over after some crafty evasiveness outside of the ring. When Nattie got the upper hand again, Dana got involved, which brought in Becky Lynch. Charlotte used the Women's Championship belt to distract the referee and Nattie, which lead to Charlotte applying the Figure 8 for the tap out victory.


Final Thoughts

Although it is clear that the WWE is still spinning its wheels for the most part until the brand split next month, SmackDown managed to entertain this week. Far better than last week. But most of my thoughts on the show might stem from Styles being so very good at what he does. He was perfectly vicious on the show, all on his own, without the Club.

I also enjoy the Fatal 4 Way match because Enzo got his chance to shine yet Kofi still got a win to go into the New Day's title defense looking strong. Xavier had to be sacrificed for the greater good so it's nice that Kofi picked up a win for his team.

Also enjoyed the interactions between all six MITB participants. There have been two mini feuds, particularly Zayn/Cesaro and Owens/Del Rio, that I hope will develop after the ladder match this Sunday.

All in all an okay show leading into what should be a super fun PPV this Sunday!

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

That's all for this week, Cagesiders! Don't be a filthy perro. It's your destiny to leave your comments in the section below!

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