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JoJo, Summer Rae & Renee Young celebrate UpUpDownDown's one year anniversary with Seth Rollins' ground cake

Hard to believe, but it's been a whole year since Austin Creed (aka Xavier Woods) debuted his gaming channel, UpUpDownDown.

To celebrate, Madden Champion of the World Seth Rollins got the host a "Keep it tight" cake. And, just as Kevin Owens predicted, it ended up getting thrown in Creed's face.

You'd think a cake fight, including a sweet retaliatory throw from the tag champ to hit a fleeing Rollins in the back, would be the highlight. And it would have been, if some ladies didn't show up for a GROUND CAKE PARTY!

Josephine at least has some pride, explaining that she didn't exactly eat any deliciousness off the floor, but Summer Rae has NO SHAME. She even takes the opportunity to live out her fantasy of finding out what it feels like to smoosh cake into the carpet.

Renee Young shows up, and she loves floor cake so much it makes her gyrate. Then, using her sugar rush as an excuse, she decides to just "accidentally" stroll into the shower area to see how other ex-Shield members wash up.

Seth's "hey" will launch a thousand fan fics, and may even be the basis for a future feud on Raw.

So, yeah, there's a lot going on - and I didn't even cover E and Prince Pretty. Check it out yourself, and congrats UpUpDownDown!

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