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Here's John Cena as Hulk Hogan cutting a promo for his sex tape on NBC's 'Maya & Marty'

Not sure how successful this is as an overall skit, but props to John Cena for making the most of the above bit from NBC's new primetime sketch comedy show Maya & Marty.

The set-up is that FX is looking to build off their success with The People vs. OJ Simpson series by making a Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker one, and competing for the role of the Hulkster are Cena (as himself) and David Schwimmer (Martin Short as Ross from Friends, pretty much).

Many of the jokes spring from the fact that the guy who starred in that hit 90s sitcom played Robert Kardashian on The People vs. OJ Simpson. But the best part is the Face That Runs the Place, who does a pretty good Hogan impersonation - and nails his imagined pre-sex tape promo:

Let me tell ya something, sister-brother! You're gonna feel the tender embrace of Hulkamania! I've been hanging and banging all week just to make sure you have Hulk-gasm, after Hulk-gasm, after Hulk-gasm, after Hulk-gasm. Mark this day on your calendar, because tonight, under the sold-out privacy of... This. Here. Bedroom... you will be reborn as a Hulk-a-sexual!

We can also get into reading too much into what WWE letting Cena do the skit means for their relationship with Hogan, post-racist tirade release. At the very least, they're okay with making fun of the man who was once their biggest attraction.

Hogan may have won the legal case which started with his sex tape, but his image - in pro wrestling or elsewhere - will never be the same.

Whatcha gonna do, brother?

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