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WWE Raw results, live blog (June 13, 2016): Money in the Bank go home show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 13, 2016) from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, featuring the go home show to the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sunday night in Paradise, Nevada.

Advertised for tonight: The Ambrose Asylum returns with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as special guests.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Chris here. I'm back, kids!

Special thanks to one Kyle Decker, who took over for the past few months. Dude, thank you!


WWE Signature and Raw intro

We go to New Orleans, where a moment of silence is held for those lost in the Orlando attack on Saturday.


The New Day comes out to the ring.

Kofi Kingston (after doing the obligatory WWE Network plug) vows that New Day will retain their WWE World Tag Team Championships against three other teams. They ask "who" before Big E and Xavier Woods start ribbing Kofi for his shoe choice for this evening.

Kofi responds that his Under Armour shoes are fire (BABY!) and repeats his promise that they will retain their tag titles because New Day rocks or something like that.

The Realest Guys come out, causing New Day to dance in the ring. Enzo Amore does the usual intro before entering the ring. Big Cass reminds us that this is their first shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship. They're going to Las Vegas, and they're going all-in for those tag tittles.

Cass starts digging into New Day, making a dildo joke before ripping Kofi for his shoe selection. After Kofi demands everyone to lay off his shoes, Cass turns his attention toward Francesca II.

After all, she was with Enzo last night, and he had his lips all over her brassy body. Xavier isn't impressed by this, and is even less impressed when Enzo says that she wasn't a saint in New Orleans. Enzo goes on about his experience with Francesca II, progressively angering Xavier until they have a face-to-dildo staredown. Xavier asserts that he's the ONLY one who blows his girl.

As we prepare for a wit throwdown, The Vaudevillains come out to bring some order. They shut up the two teams in the ring and Aiden English mercilessly sings that the Vaudevillains will be the new tag team champions.

Now The Club strolls out and tells everyone to shut up. Karl Anderson asks if this is Camp WWE's talent show. Playtime is over, and The Club will be the last team standing. Judging by what they're seeing in the ring, The Club will find it easier than scoring a touchdown on the New Orleans Saints (obligatory).

Big Cass calls The Club and The Vaudevillains SAWFT to transition into.....


The New Day and The Realest Guys vs The Club and The Vaudevillains

Very fun and busy match here. Both teams were pretty much equal here. The babyface team had themselves some fun spots, including Kofi Kingston doing his best Ricochet impersonation when he did a tope con hilo OVER the corner post onto some heels on the floor. In the end, the heels turned the domination up to 11 and cleaned up the babyfaces. Anderson and Luke Gallows hit the Magic Killer on Kofi to win it.

The Club and The Vaudevillains def The New Day and The Realest Guys


Looks like we've got some Shield retrospect tonight. First up, a short video of their WWE debut.


Bob Backlund and Darren Young talk about celebrations and money. We also learn that Mr. Backlund only wears one pair of clothes....lovely

Backstage, Stephanie and Shane McMahon chat about who is going to run Raw and who is going to run SmackDown. Debating ensues until Korporate Kane comes in to volunteer his demonic services. Steph reminds us that Kane is psychotic. Kane responds by offering up a resume and letter of recommendation from Undertaker. Steph leaves, leaving Kane with Shane. Kane promises some "red-hot" ideas.......

Also backstage, Zack Ryder tells some exciting Sheamus story to some interns until the man himself comes up and promises that Ryder will be a punchline after tonight. As for Apollo Crews, he is one Brogue Kick away from being the biggest joke in WWE history. Ryder says "hey Apollo", causing Sheamus to look away as Ryder escapes. Sheamus barks at the interns.

More Shield retrospect, this time Shield murdering Triple H at SmarkaMania 2014.


Primo and Epico do a Shining Star promo because reasons.


Titus O'Neil vs...never mind

Yeah this one isn't gonna happen. Rusev comes out as Titus makes his entrance and destroys him. After DAT KICK, Rusev locks in The Accolade, causing a mob of referees to come out. Rusev screams words at Titus after The Accolade is broken.


Even more Shield retrospect...this time Seth Rollins killing The Shield.


It's Ambrose Asylum time. Dean Ambrose wanders out to the ring to get this thing going.

Ambrose welcomes us to the Ambrose Asylum (back by popular demand, of course). Ambrose says that Money in the Bank feels like another WrestleMania, and puts over some of the bigger matches.

His main focus, of course, is Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Ambrose briefly deviates by asking various questions about Money in the Bank before getting a cheap New Orleans pop. He then welcomes "the scum of the earth", Seth Rollins. After giving Rollins an unwanted hug, Ambrose welcomes Roman Reigns. Unsurprisingly, Reigns gets many more boos than Rollins.

After the crowd chants stuff, Ambrose asks Rollins how his knee is doing. Rollins asks Ambrose if he's watched his WWE Network special. He then says that his knee is 100% good to go. Ambrose asks about his face and makes a bad joke to Reigns' approval.

Ambrose chats with Reigns to a chorus of boos. After a moment, Ambrose tries to chat with Rollins, who has an absolute scowl on his face. Ambrose tries to get Rollins to chill out and alludes to The Shield's history. The crowd chants "party pooper" after Ambrose calls Rollins a party pooper.

Rollins starts chatting and actually starts enjoying himself talking about The Shield's history. In fact, Rollins admits that the best times he had in the ring was with The Shield. Rollins brings up Batista, sparking up a "Bootista" chant. As you'd expect, Rollins' arrogance comes out when he talks about how he killed The Shield and cashed in at WrestleMania (this gets a big pop).

Ambrose tries to focus the show by bringing up the upcoming WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. Reigns vows to leave as champion. Ambrose brings up the fact that Rollins doesn't feel that Reigns is the rightful champion. Rollins responds by saying that the only reason he doesn't have the title anymore because his knee gave out from holding WWE up. Rollins does give Reigns props, saying that he earned his title.

However, there is one thing that Reigns hasn't done: he beaten Seth Rollins. Rollins also claims that Reigns is only successful because Rollins guided him to greatness. Rollins, however, earned all of his victories all on his own.

Ambrose challenges Rollins claim, asking if a bunch of people are going to help Rollins wins. Reigns also tells Rollins that he broke up a brotherhood in The Shield.

"For what?", asks Roman.

On Sunday, Rollins is going to have his spotlight when he goes head-to-head with Reigns. After Sunday, Reigns will still be THE Guy when he beats Seth Rollins.

Ambrose closes the segment by hyping the title match....and him possibly cashing in HIS Money in the Bank on the victor to get the WWE WHC.

As the segment ends, Rollins shoves Ambrose into Reigns. Rollins goes for a Pedigree on Reigns, but Ambrose breaks it up. Reigns hits a Superman Punch on Rollins to knock him down. But wait, Ambrose turns Reigns and drops him with Dirty Deeds.

Things are getting interesting...


Backstage, Dean Ambrose and Stephanie McMahon chat for a moment before Steph tells Ambrose that he'll be in tonight's main event against Chris Jericho.


Paige vs Charlotte (with Dana Brooke)

Becky Lynch and Natalya are on commentary.

Short little back-and-forth here with some stiff moments...I'll let you be the judge of that. Toward the end, Paige kicks Charlotte out of the ring as Charlotte goes for a Figure 8. Outside, Natalya and Becky taunt Charlotte a bit until Dana Brooke comes over to reinsert Charlotte into the ring. In the ring, Paige takes advantage and hits the Ram-Paige to win.

Paige def Charlotte


Renee Young interviews Cesaro. As Renee asks the question, Sami Zayn waltzes in and starts bickering with Cesaro as Renee is stuck in the middle. Cesaro drops some facts on Zayn about how he is a new guy on the main roster and that he has a lot to prove to everyone.

Basically a re-hash of their classic NXT rivalry.


Backstage, Charlotte and Dana Brooke argue about what happened during the match earlier. Charlotte tells Dana that they cannot risk failure, and that they have some work to do before Sunday.


Zack Ryder vs Sheamus

Quick one. Ryder gets some early offense in and dominates for most of the match. However, this isn't enough as he is thrown into the turnbuckle and eats a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus def Zack Ryder

After, Sheamus attacks Ryder some more until Apollo Crews comes out to make the save.


Backstage, Kane and Shane McMahon are chatting when Kevin Owens interrupts wanting to talk to Stephanie, who isn't around. Owens tells Shane that Alberto Del Rio JUST arrived at the arena. Owens tells Shane to remove Del Rio from the Money in the Bank ladder match. At this moment, Del Rio comes in raging at Owens. The two argue until Kane screams, shutting them up.

Kane suggests a team-building idea: a tag team match pitting the Lucha Dragons against Owens and Del Rio. If Owens and Del Rio lose, then the Lucha Dragons replace both of them. Owens protests the idea to Shane, but Shane approves of the idea.


Sami Zayn vs Cesaro

Buckle up...

As usual, these two had a really good match (albeit pretty quick). The offense was very fast-paced and awesome. Zayn got the win with a big rolling sunset-flip powerbomb.

Sami Zayn def Cesaro


Michael Cole is in the ring to preside over the contract signing of John Cena vs AJ Styles.

John Cena comes out first and puts over Money in the Bank, specifically his match against AJ Styles. He puts over AJ Styles as being "the single greatest Superstar never given a chance by WWE."

As for the contract signing, Cena tells Cole to step aside as things may get interesting at the behest of Shane McMahon. Cena calls AJ out, and the man obliges.

Dueling chants begin as both men stare each other down in the ring. AJ tells Cena that he has turned his world upside-down over the last two weeks. AJ vows to run circles around Cena at Money in the Bank, promising that Cena can't beat him. AJ ends by asking where to sign.

The fun comes in when Cena says that there are two contracts. One contract is for a straight singles match between John Cena and AJ Styles; the other is for John Cena vs AJ Styles (with The Club). One promises AJ a one-way ticket to the bitch-club, and the other will bring back the electricity that the crowd had when AJ and Cena had their first staredown.

AJ sees what Cena is trying to do. He believes that Cena doesn't think AJ can beat him alone. AJ also feels that if he were in WWE 15 years ago, Cena wouldn't be as successful as he is today. In fact, AJ would have all of Cena's accolades and he would be the face that runs the place.

Cena tells AJ to shut up and fires some white-hot heat at him. After an amazing spiel by Cena, AJ makes his decision and signs the contract for the straight singles match (no Club at all).

AJ tells Cena that he's gonna prove that he just isn't another independent guy. Cena's time is up; AJ's time is now.


Lucha Dragons vs Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio

This was a pretty interesting one. Throughout the entire match, Del Rio and Owens argued and got more and more physical. Toward the end, it looked like their arguing would cost them the match (it got to the point where Owens entered the ring, dragged Del Rio to his corner, and tagged himself in).

After an attempted roll-up by Sin Cara, Del Rio was dropkicked from the apron. Kalisto tried to follow with a suicide dive, but was lawn-darted into the barricade. Inside the ring, Sin Cara ate a pop-up powerbomb.

Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio def Lucha Dragons

As Owens prepared to celebrate, he ate a kick from Del Rio, who pointed to the briefcase after taking Owens out.


Backstage, a seething Kevin Owens complains to Stephanie about his treatment tonight. Steph kinda blows him off before Owens drops the ball that Sami Zayn will be on commentary. Owens thinks that he should be on commentary, and Steph grants him this honor.

At this moment, Alberto Del Rio comes in to complain about how Owens is sucking up to the boss and wants on commentary as well. Steph tells Del Rio that there are too many commentator, but allows him to be special guest timekeeper. Owens and Del Rio ague some more after she leaves.


After a recap of the Ambrose Asylum, Stephanie and Shane McMahon argue about Steph's decisions. Shane one-up Steph and makes Cesaro the special guest ring announcer.

As the bickering continues, the subject turns to Korporate Kane, who shows up upon mention of his name. Shane informs Kane that he will not be used on SmackDown. Kane walks away, but returns to bring up the testicle electrocution because of course.

The debate for SmackDown ownership continues!


Chris Jericho vs Dean Ambrose

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are on commentary, Alberto Del Rio is the guest timekeeper, and Cesaro is the guest ring announcer (and channels Scott Steiner a bit sans steroid use)

This was a decent one that we've seen quite a few times. After a pretty good end sequence, Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds to win.

Dean Ambrose def Chris Jericho

Afterward, everyone brawls. After a tope con Sami takes everyone except Jericho out, Jericho climbs the ladder and takes the briefcase off of the hook. He poses with it to end the show.

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