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Finn Balor: If the decision were mine, I would have went to the WWE main roster a long time ago

WWE is making use of Facebook Live with some video chats with the likes of former NXT Champion Finn Balor. This one is worth a watch if only because he's asked who his favorite superstar on the main roster is (Karl Anderson), who his favorite woman on the main roster is (Becky Lynch), and who his favorite woman in NXT is (EVA MARIE).

Yes, he went with Eva over Bayley, who makes an appearance to give him the ol' what for.

Really, though, the money quote is when someone asks for him to be called up to the main roster:

"If that decision was mine, I would have went to the main roster a long time ago. But that decision is currently not on my hands. ... I'm having a lot of fun in NXT. We're building what is one of the most exciting brands in sports entertainment, and I'm very happy to be here and be part of the team and driving the success that is NXT road trips."

Finn Watch 2016 continues.

Check it:

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