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Ethan Carter III interrupts main event at EVOLVE 61

There's a TNA vs. WWE feud going on right now on the indies. 2016 is wild.

Death to All Marks

During Saturday's EVOLVE event in Queens, the main event of Johnny Gargano vs. Drew Galloway was interrupted by the debuting Ethan Carter III, who interfered on Galloway's behalf. Gargano took the disqualification win, but this is just the first step in a big, fat WWE vs. TNA feud, booked by an independent promotion that has a working relationship with both companies.

Carter jumped in the ring and attacked Gargano, then he and Galloway laid out several referees and officials before Carter cut a heavily anti-WWE promo for the crowd watching in the building and on iPPV.

Gargano and Galloway are in the middle of a feud that began after Galloway turned heel while the two were the first co-holders of the EVOLVE tag team titles. That, in itself, was already historic, as at the time they won a tournament to become champions, Galloway was the TNA world champion and Gargano was appearing regularly on NXT television.

Earlier in EVOLVE 61 on Saturday, Drew Gulak and TJP each won qualifying matches to become official entrants in WWE's upcoming cruiserweight series. WWE and EVOLVE are also famously in the midst of a healthy working relationship. But EVOLVE clearly has a working relationship with TNA, given their work with Galloway and the fact that EVOLVE mainstay Caleb Konley just signed with TNA last week.

It will be fascinating to see where EVOLVE and this storyline goes from here.

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