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Damien Sandow now taking bookings following WWE release

Of the eight wrestlers who were released by WWE yesterday, Damien Sandow was arguably the biggest surprise and the name that likely caused the greatest uproar among fans. He had varying degrees of success as the Intellectual Savior of the Unwashed Masses but just as soon as he started working a variety of characters -- like his incredible turn as Magneto -- he got over with every crowd he performed for.

Once he became Damien Mizdow there was no turning back.

Sadly, once he broke away from The Miz they could never quite find use for him on any sort of consistent basis. Now, he's a free agent and taking bookings here:

Here's to hoping another company swoops in, signs him, and does what WWE could not, even if it's Jeff Jarrett, where other WWE releases Hornswoggle and Zeb Colter have already found work.

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