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Maryse talks about joining the cast of 'Total Divas'

Her and the Miz are going to be the "it couple" of reality television. Get ready. spoke to Maryse about her (now officially official) status as a new cast member on the next season of Total Divas. Here's what she had to say:

"First of all, I was asked and I couldn't say no. Well, actually, I thought a little bit about it but when I really, really thought about it I said 'well, guess what? We're doing it.' I mean, let's face it, I don't really let people inside my home, inside my house, inside of my relationship, inside of my marriage; so this is going to be really interesting because the viewers are going to get... it's going to be fun, trust me. It's going to be phenomenal, it's going to be freaking awesome. I'm married to The Miz, everyone already knows that, and it's going to be really interesting because The Miz and I are the it couple of WWE and now we are going to be the it couple of reality TV."

We can all look forward to Maryse and Miz content on Total Divas every week. That's possibly the greatest gift WWE has ever given us.

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