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Jim Cornette says the dumbest thing about today's WWE releases

Steve Wright Jr at Wikimedia Commons

lot of folks lost their jobs at WWE today, what with the company deciding today was as good as any to release multiple longtime members of the roster of varying degrees of stardom. One release that has fans particularly riled up is that of Damien Sandow, who never seemed to get the chance to be the success story it always looked like he would (or could/should) be.

It sucks that he's gone. Of course it sucks. He's entertaining as all get out and probably deserved so much more than he was ever given.

This has led to varying degrees of stupidity in the form of hot takes from fans and pundits alike. Not surprisingly, Jim Cornette managed to be the dumbest:

His even lamer defense of it:

So very, very dumb.

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