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Hornswoggle, Alex Riley released by WWE

Rumors started last night that May 6 may be the latest "Black Friday" for WWE contracted wrestlers, where the company releases several performers they don't have plans for in order to free up roster space and cut costs.

There are a few high profile names we're all watching for considering recent public spats with the company, but the first couple names to drop haven't been in the news - although they're no strangers to controversy:

The former Cruiserweight champ has featured prominently in a number of big stories, usually as a punchline, but still... he was Vince McMahon's illegitimate son, the anonymous Raw General Manager and the star of WWE Studios attempt to reboot the Leprechaun horror franchise. He also was suspended for Wellness policy violations.

Alex Riley has also been let go.

Despite being used sporadically in a couple of roles on NXT over the past year, there hasn't been much work for a guy who once walked to the main event of WrestleMania as The Miz's personal assistant.

Riley allegedly ran afoul of some pretty powerful people backstage, including John Cena, and his attitude was never described as an asset.

We join WWE in wishing Dylan "Honswoggle" Postl and Kevin "Alex Riley" Kiley luck in whatever comes next.

And keep our eyes open for more names on 2016's "Black Friday".

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