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Renee Young on how Dean Ambrose is handling being on Total Divas

Now that Renee Young has joined the cast of Total Divas, her relationship with Dean Ambrose, if it was still a secret to anyone before, will be brought to light in the most intimate way possible (for a program like this). When he was asked about being on the show, Ambrose gave the most Dean Ambrose answer imaginable.

When she was asked by, Renee had this to say:

"He's handling it pretty much the exact way that you would imagine Dean Ambrose would handle it. There's been a lot of loud yelling, not wanting anyone in his face too much, so we will see how that unfolds over time. But it should be interesting to say the least."

Total Divas was a great show once but gradually dropped in quality, leading to record low viewership last season. If anything is going to bring fans back, it's getting a glimpse at Renee's personal life and how Ambrose fits into the picture, yelling all the way.

Can't wait.

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