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WWE changes name of Cruiserweight tournament, reportedly discussing integrating it into NXT

Still the reigning Cruiserweight champ
Still the reigning Cruiserweight champ

After some good news on the WWE tournament front, we're now seeing some - not bad - but different news concerning the upcoming Global Cruiserweight Series (GCS).

Or should I say, The Cruiserweight Classic. PWInsider noticed that all references to the tournament on have changed, with the upcoming tourner being referred to by that new name:

Given the international flavor of the participants, it's not clear why "Global" would be dropped. "Classic" may be a brand they want to establish, though, with reports the Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic will return for NXT later this year.

Speaking of NXT, PWInsider also reports that WWE may be scaling back on plans to hold GCS Cruiserweight Classic events as stand-alone tapings at Full Sail, instead integrating the matches into NXT shows being filmed at the venue.

There's no indication from PWInsider or WWE that GCS The Cruiserweight Classic won't still be its own show on the streaming service, so this could just be a cost-cutting move so as to not have to reserve Full Sail Live for extra dates. The idea behind the tournament show was always to build around matches with vignettes introducing the participants, so not having dedicated tapings shouldn't be seen as a bad sign.

With the name change, and the majority of the supposed 32 man field yet to be announced, it does look like the cruiserweight tournament is a work in progress, however.

Stay tuned.

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